Story of Sathya

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When I was young, I didn’t have much money to satisfy all my needs. And Pappy wouldn’t let me help him with his work. For others, childhood memories are  special and auspicious and it  resides in their mind forever  but  I had a strugglesome childhood! Life was never cool nor it displayed any signs of happiness. Having lost my Momma at a young age, Pappy took all the burden on his shoulder. I lived in an extremely impoverished condition in South China. I lived in Sianchun Valley. Pappy would carry me  on his back on my way to school. But I understood my Pappy very well. He loved me so much that he didn’t let me miss my Momma. After Momma kicked the bucket, Pappy struggled to raise me. Pappy wasn’t erudite. He sought inspiration from his mother who used to teach her good things from her life experiences. Pappy did the same to me. He would explain me about our conditions and how much he loved Momma. I wish Momma lived with us. I have faint memories of Momma especially during  my crawling days.  I love my Momma!

Story of Sathya

I used to walk down to my school. We didn’t  had enough money to pay my school fees. One day the school administration decided to expel me but Pappy requested and pleaded. I never liked him doing all that. He is my Pappy  and he is the best. Tears welled in my eyes. That was the day I realized I will never forsake my Pappy. He was the best person that God  has send me – my guardian angel. But he somehow convinced the school management and once again I had an opportunity to study. Pappy worked hard and harder. He never had any kind of ambitions or dreams. He did everything just for me. He used to do all kind of work. He worked in a hotel, washing utensils. He used to deliver newspapers and pizza’s. He  also worked as a construction labor. Pappy did everything and he didn’t cared about his health. Several times my heart shed silent tears  looking at my Pappy’s plight. 

One day as I walked back home from School, my eyes located  a chocolate shop. Pappy noticed me staring at the chocolates. I stood near the shop and the sight of the lovely chocolates amazed me. I any how wanted to consume it. Pappy didn’t like  this behavior of mine. He asked me to wait outside the shop premise and went towards the chocolate shop. I smiled! I was excited! I would get to eat those lovely creamy chocolates I thought! But something happened that shook me, shocked me! I saw the shop owner and his two men beating  my Pappy. 

“Pappy, Quichuang, Pappy, womiean zou ba!”  I screeched and asked my Pappy to get up. 

Pappy fell down and the floor was drenched with blood. The shop owner was an arrogant man. It seemed  my Pappy had less money and he requested the owner to give the chocolates at a discounted price.  The  owner got vexed and ordered his men to thrash my Pappy. The chocolate costed 5 Yuan and my father had 3 Yuan’s. 

Pappy lay unconscious on the ground on a pool of blood. I stood there speechless not knowing what to do. An old man helped me  in getting my Pappy back home. That day I glared at the Chocolate shop owner. The fact that he caused terrible hurt to my Pappy didn’t let me sleep for days. Every day when I passed by his chocolate shop , I cursed him. That was the day I decided that I will take a sweet revenge ! Pappy worked hard for me and I justified his handwork by studying well. I secured high ranks in my secondary and my degree colleges. I stood first in the South China University. The Chinese Premier Mr. Kiong Xin Phing Zhaou greeted and congratulated me during my convocation ceremony. I  completed my MBA from a top level Business school from the United States. I got an offer from Hershey’s , an organization known to  deliver world class quality chocolates. I was made the Managing Director of Hershey’s China. My Pappy was  happy for me. It was the first day at office. I walked  on the same street where I used to walk back from school. I saw the same chocolate shop. The shop owner had  grown old. The sight of my Pappy getting beaten by the shopper owner and his goon flashed in front of my eyes. It looked like all happened yesterday. I went to his shop and flashed a cheque in front of him.

“5000 Yuans,” He read, his mouth agape.

“Final Settlement. This shop now belongs to Hershey’s China. You may vacate this immediately.” I said to the shop owner. I smiled at him and he stood in front of me, perplexed.

My Pappy walked towards me. The revenge was complete. The shop was a small set up. It didn’t have much to offer Hershey’s China but I deliberately acquired his chocolate shop to show him what I was capable of. As a 9 year old , I had nothing to do much! I just stood and  watched my Pappy getting beaten by his men!

Today after 17 years, I gave my  Pappy the best gift that I could ever give him – A chocolate shop where he bargained for low quality chocolates.  He was proud of me! I had everything today but its the burning desire for success and excellence that will keep you motivated. Never let the fire fade! Your loved one’s are precious and anyone causing them hurt through any means should hurt you too. My Pappy always wanted me to be happy and now I want him to be happy. I could have deviated on my path to success. Failures do interrupt  and I stayed away from it. My  foundation for my life was laid by my Pappy. If he hadn’t worked hard for me, I wouldn’t have reached this far. I owe a lot to him. He sacrificed his life for me and I respect him. Thank you Pappy for everything. Pappy hugged me tight. Tears of happiness rolled down his cheeks. He was a proud Father !

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