Story of Sathya

The wolf and the sheep #WoWe

Story of Sathya
“Ashwin, I know you love me but doing all these inapt things don’t sound good to me,” Nisha said to her boyfriend.

“Baby, why fear when I am near? Live every moment. Kiss me like you miss me.” He said and cupped her mouth. She stifled a smile. He enfolded her slender body and kissed her delicate pink lips.
That night they made love for the first time.
Weeks passed and there were no signs of Ashwin.
A group of girls were discussing something important in the classroom and there was a deafening silence when Nisha stepped into the class. The boys looked excited as their eyes were glued to a video that was playing in their mobile phones.
One of Nisha’s friend showed her phone to Nisha.
“Mumbai college girl hot sex video.” Nisha read and she stood stunned. It was her in the video along with a man whose face was blurred. She knew it was Ashwin.
Why did I trust him? A train of thoughts railed through her mind. She couldn’t believe herself for he had broken her heart.

This post is written as part of the #WoWe Blog Hop hosted by Mayuri and Rashi, as part of which we have to pen a story within 200 words on the given prompt. This is my entry for Week 4 based on the prompt at the start of this post. Do leave your thoughts below!

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