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Fight Coronavirus with Vizio Sound bar

Aloha, world citizens, I hope you all are doing good. I’m Jim Scotts, the Asia regional head of a famous NewYork based electronics company, whose rival is a manufacturer of the Vizio sound bar. Well, my company adored me; instead, they abhorred me, and that’s why they made me travel half of the world by the time I turned 35. Because of this, I lead a pretty dull life. During my young days with Sonic, I realized that life was going to veer out drastically for me and I was ascertained that I am going to lead a boring life too where people would take me for granted. I’ve been to a couple of dates and girls loved the money more than the man!

Duh! Well, that’s how I could describe my social life. I am not a babe magnet though I could undoubtedly give good quality time to many relationships seeking lasses. I am not a pessimistic person, but I am pretty realistic. Enough of my personal rants. Let me narrate how I met Xiang Sun at a party in Hong Kong. Hong Kong, because that’s the city that shelters me. Ever since I met Xiang, life changed upside down. Xiang hailed from Beijing, the capital city of Mainland China. She was an aspiring actress and a regular customer at the Rock Bottom, Kowloon. I often visited Kowloon for Business purposes, and the Rock Bottom pub and bar were our usual hang -out place with my friends.
Like every other Chinese Nationale, Xiang was proud of her heritage. She had an hourglass figure, but she was used to unhealthy eating habits. One day Xiang grabbed my hand at a local Chinese restaurant and asked me not to judge her. I was perturbed for what she was going to confess. It was then I realized that she and her friends Lee and Jung, were planning to eat a monkey’s brain. That thought itself disgusted me. According to her, it was an ancient Sino practice of eating a monkey’s brain to acquire wisdom and knowledge. She somehow convinced me to stay there and witness the event, an unpleasant event to be honest.
The waiter carried a platter with him that was covered by a steel lid. He removed the cover, and I witnessed the most bizarre event of my life. I saw the severed head of a smiling monkey whose skull was cracked. The waiter neatly transferred the monkey’s brain, and I saw my girlfriend and her friends enjoying their meal while I sat there, cursing myself for being there. That night I couldn’t sleep as the severed head of the poor primate haunted me. How could people have such exotic food wishlists? I had judged Xiang, and at the same time, she had texted me. ‘I am sorry for today. I shouldn’t have done that. Pls, don’t judge me, ok. Dinner at my place this Friday. ok?’ I read her text and replied ‘Ya sure babe!! :*’
It was Friday evening, and I reached the Hong Kong city in no time. I knocked at her door, and I saw her dressed in one piece. She was unusually hot looking that day!
‘Well, Well, for my sweet lady,’ I offered her the pink orchids flower bouquet that I brought from the D junction, a famous road crossing.
‘Thanks, my love!’ she said and planted a kiss on my cheeks. She said with her broken English. She blindfolded me and took me to the dining table.
‘Behold, presenting my trademark soup. Soup of the Millenium!’ She announced and removed the blindfold from my eyes. It had a pleasant odor. After the monkey brain eating incident, I had to caution myself and had to think twice before she offered anything to me.
‘Honey, don’t worry. It is just soup.’ Xiang said, and I saw her lips curved into a smile. I trusted my instinct, and that’s when I decided to drink it. I took a sip and let me confess that it was the most fantastic soup I ever had in my life. Never did I imagine that Xiang was an excellent chef. I consumed the soup and asked her for more. I loved it! That night I was impressed with her cooking skills. We made love that night.
The next morning I woke up and witnessed her sleeping like a newborn baby – naked and elegant. I ruffled her long ebony hair and whispered in her ears, ‘Can you share the recipe for that soup?’
‘Umm,’ she opened her eyes and sprawled her hands and legs and continued, ‘So someone loves my Soup, huh!’ And I nodded like an idiot.
‘It’s simple! she started and added, ‘ In a boiling pot of water, add pepper, mint leaves, spring onions, salt and small pieces of bats. ‘
‘What?’ I asked, confused. ‘What do you mean by pieces of bats?’
She laughed and said, ‘Yes, bats, like the one we have in the batman movies and the caves.’ That thought itself made me puke on the bed. The very idea of drinking a bat soup disgusted me to the core. I never belonged to the tribe that enjoyed exotic food. Maybe I unknowingly had a bat soup, but that was the most bizarre thing I had done in my life. I was unhappy with Xiang’s eating habits.
Days passed, and I had turned busy with the multi-billion dollar Indian deal. A few weeks back, I had traveled to India for a possible partnership with the Government of India project. We had brief discussions with PM Modi and other bureaucrats in New Delhi.  I was feeling extreme uneasiness and queasiness after returning back from India. I barfed several times and coughed like I was about to die at any moment. Xiang had traveled to Beijing for her parent’s anniversary. I was feeling lonely, and I missed her badly. She was busily occupied in Bejing and would not even return back any calls nor my text messages. I turned on the TV to the CN News, and the news panel was discussing some viruses that originated from the wet markets.
‘Corona Virus might have come from the Bat-su,’ An esteemed highly erudite Professor from the University of Shangai said. I freaked out after hearing the word ‘Bat’. I surfed through the internet, and multiple news channels and everyone was talking about Bats.
I researched a lot over the coming days and concluded that I was infected with the virus. I was transforming into a hypochondriac, and I knew that life was getting difficult for me. I remained stressed most of the time and this virus created a mess out of my life. I  hated myself for drinking the Bat soup. I would check about this virus and search for its cures. I was turning into a maniac.
While I was completely drowned in negativity, my eyes grabbed the attention of a Vizio sound bar that Xiang had gifted me for my last birthday. She got it for me from her trip to New York last year. To distract myself from all that Corona negativity, I played some music on the Vizio sound bar. It was the first time I was using that device. By then, many countries of the world were battling this virus, and most governments had asked their citizens to quarantine themselves at their homes. I played some pop songs from my Amazon music playlist. For a moment, I felt relaxed, and with so much going on in this world, I felt good after a long time. With its full surround sound system, I felt like I was utterly transported to a different world. I found myself swimming out of the negativity and fear. I went on a music listening spree and listened to my favorite songs. My obsession with the Vizio sound bar was to a whole different level that I failed to see the phone calls by Xiang. I was clearly mad at Xiang. I called her back.
‘Hey Jimmie, my love!’ she said.
‘Xiang, thanks for destroying my life.’ I screeched at the top of my voice.
‘Stop crying, what happened? Tell me clearly,’ she said.
‘I think I am going to die of COVID19,’ I said.
‘What nonsense?’ she said and continued, ‘Did you eat bats recently?’
‘Yes and that stupid soup of the millennium of yours,’ I replied.
‘Yeah? What about that?’ she curiously asked.
‘You said it was a bat soup, right?’ I wiped the incessant tears rolling down my cheeks.
‘Babe, I am so sorry,’ she said and continued, ‘that was not Bat.’ She giggled.
‘Then,’ I jumped out of my chair.
‘I was just goofing around with you,’ she said,’It was chicken.’
I heaved a sigh of relief. ‘Huh! you almost killed me!’ I said and continued, ‘I can’t wait to see you, babe!’ I said and disconnected the call. I had then realized that it was the spicy Indian food that caused me all the trouble.
I smiled like a little baby and continued playing music on my Vizio sound bar. Over the next two weeks, I listened to good music on my Vizio sound bar and life was never the same.
The Vizio sound bar could help you filter out all the negativity out of your life during this time of stress. It will help you calm yourself.
vizio sound bar
At just $69.99, the VIZIO 20″ 2.0 Sound Bar provides a multi-dimensional experience that dramatically fills the room with amazing sound.
If you’re looking for something a bit bolder, the VIZIO 36” 2.1 Sound Bar System – which is just $179.99 – comes with a subwoofer and has  a slim profile, perfect for any size room. Great for a bigger room, you’re sure to maximize your sound therapy session during the COVID-19 madness.
As well, the VIZIO 46” 5.1.4 Home Theater Sound System with Dolby Atmos brings full and immersive sound quality for an affordable price of $999.99. The set comes with a subwoofer that includes bass and tow satellite speakers.
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