Story of Sathya

Searching for answers..

Searching for the answers..

searching for  answers

There may have been several instances in your life where you may feel low and down. Some people label those days as a phase, but sadly the one who suffers has a better opinion about their suffering. Unfortunately, God has programmed every individual so that no one can understand or analyze what’s running through the other person’s mind. Sadly, individual suffering is limited to the individuals who suffer. It is easy to empathize or say kind words about the one who suffers, but that doesn’t help. If so, then who actually helps?

The concept of God is weird. Every faith has one supreme power, which some refer to as their only almighty power. This person handles us, and we are bound to all his instructions. But does he really cares? Many holy books cite that the almighty is the one who will heal you and free you from all your sufferings but have you ever thought about the scenario where the almighty himself hates you?

Many might say that we all are his unique creations but is it a rule that the almighty won’t hurt his children? Of course, even a mother would be harsh to her children if they are found guilty of committing any sins. But she isn’t stupid to hurt her children just like that! Yeah!

But sometimes, there exist people who doubt the mere existence of God. I never felt so, or maybe I did when I was deeply immersed in my melancholy. Those were the depressing days of my life when many unusual thoughts haunted me every night. But still, I moved on. Those were the days when I questioned the existence of God because he never answered any of my prayers.

It’s strange when I come across people giving amazing testimonies about God doing miracles in their lives. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that, and sometimes I just can’t stop thinking. A human mind is constructed so that it would believe in miracles only when it has witnessed one. But unfortunately, I have only heard about the almighty coloring lives of people with beautiful colors.

And sometimes you question yourself, asking what sin you have committed that deserves such a punishment. But often, we fail to understand and believe that specific questions have no answers, and we have to accept what is offered to us. Miracles happen at places where hope resides. Hope is everything we all have, and being hopeful is not wrong. I see myself see-sawing between different emotions, and my heart refuses to stay still.

For the past few days, I have been through a difficult phase, and every day I pray to God for strength and peace because that is what I need now. I am hopeful that things will be fine and that better days are ahead.
These were a few thoughts that remained arrested in my mind. Therefore, I hope to blog soon. Blogging has something which is among the best thing that happened in my life, and without this, I wouldn’t have met many amazing friends. In fact, I met a few of my best people through blogs.
I hope to see you all soon. Till then.. have fun, prosper and progress!
Always smile because I smile when you smile 🙂

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