Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Headphones

Should you buy it or not?: Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth headphones review

Review of Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth headphones

Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Headphones are high-quality Stereo Output and inbuilt Microphone for clear voice calls. It is integrated with an MP3 Player that can be invoked through buttons available on the headset. There is a charging slot and a chip slow where the MicroSD card can be inserted.

The neckband is elegant and stylish. The material quality is not bad. The finish seems to be good and the advantage of the product is its lightweight. It is easy to handle. Now, in this review let’s see it’s product specification before I tell you what I feel about this product.

Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth headphones

Technical Specification

  • It supports Bluetooth Version v4.1.
  • Supports Headset profile, Hands-free.
  • A2DP and AVRCP.
  • Bluetooth Class 2
  • 430 Mah Lithium Polymer Battery with a Charge time of 2 hours per Charge Port
  • Micro USB 5 pin Bluetooth Mode.
  • Talk time of 20 hours.
  • Music Time up to 18 hours.
  • Standby time up to 70 hours
  • For Media Player, Music Time is up to 6.5 hours, Standby Time up to 16 hours
  • Size 155 x 115 x 25mm
  • Weight 73g
  • Operating Temperature – -10 to 50 deg Celsius
  • Storage Temperature- -20 to 80 deg Celsius

Now it’s time to review the Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Headphones

I was pretty much excited when I ordered this product from My friend had informed me about this Bluetooth Headphone and last month she had purchased one. But that was a different Corseca Product. I asked her for a recommendation and she informed me about this DM5810BT version that comes up with a memory card slot that supports music player.  I was impressed after I  saw the product. I quickly ordered it and it got delivered in 3 days. To be honest, when I unboxed the product, I had struggled for about 45 minutes on how to pair the headset with the headphone.  

Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

Dejected, I gave up and decided to experiment the next day. Even it’s user guide couldn’t help me much. It was clearly mentioned but somehow my phone got messed up. Then I realized that a Philips Bluetooth speaker was already paired with my phone. I removed it and paired the new Bluetooth headset with it. It got paired and I was too excited to know how it performs. I quickly connected my music player to it and it played loud and better.  

I then watched some videos on youtube. I even watched a movie using the JioCinema app and I didn’t see any performance degradation. It was perfect. At the same time, my friend Ankita had called me, I spoke using this headset and I somehow realized that the volume was a bit low in case of phone calls. The voice quality is not good. Rest all was good. Even the music via the SD card was good. The charging doesn’t take much time. It comes up with a nice beautiful case.  

Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

TheCorseca DM5810BT user guide has some 18 instructions on how to use the buttons provided on the headset. It has a center call button along with a volume adjustment button that allows you to lower or raise the volume.   Overall, I am happy with the product and impressed with it. I highly recommend you guys to try this awesome Corseca DM5810BT Bluetooth Headphones.

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