Story of Sathya

The Incredible Story of Sathya that no one will ever tell you

The Story of Sathya that you deserve to know

story of sathya

We often hear about stories of Boy meets girl, they fall in love and fight against everything that prevents their union, and eventually they end up celebrating their union.  The serial I am going to talk about is something that is a league apart from these kinds of lovey-dovey stories. The concept is interesting and my Mother who is a great fan of Tamil serials labelled it as must-watch stuff and recommended it to me. I am not a television person but with lock-down happening due to the pandemic, I decided to give it a shot! 

Well, first, the lead protagonist of this story is a tomboyish character named Sathya who operates a mechanic shed. A happy-go-lucky lifestyle aficionado Sathya bumps across Prabhu at one point of time in her life.  In addition, eventually, they get to know each other and Sathya develops feelings for Prabhu.  With no intentions of hurting Sathya, and because she was recovering from an injury, he fakes his feelings and informs her that his feeling is mutual too!

Sathya assures a life of togetherness but little she knows that he is engaged to none other than his elder sister who loves Prabhu’s money more.  Even Divya is unaware of this fact. Even Prabhu does not know that Sathya and Divya are siblings.  At one point in time, Sathya knows everything about Prabhu and his engagement. She is disappointed and after knowing about Divya’s plan, she is more disappointed. 

Evil minded Divya had ditched his ex-boyfriend and agreed to marry Prabhu. Why? It is all about money, honey! On the marriage day, Divya’s ex abducts him and it is portrayed as if Divya eloped on her own will.  Everything comes to a standstill. All this while, Divya is upset and unhappy because of her conjugal with someone she loves. The wedding guru informs the family that his readings about Prabhu’s horoscope were not wrong; Divya’s grandmother confesses that they had shared the horoscope of her younger granddaughter i.e. Divya’s sister who no one is aware of!  It is at that point in time that everyone knows about Sathya.

The groom’s family gets emotional because of this and they all are upset. The environment gets gloomy due to this. Now all focus is set to Sathya. Like most serials, there is high-octane melodrama, tense music, and silence here.  Their family now forced Sathya to get married to Prabhu. However, in actuality, Prabhu has Zilch feelings for Sathya. In order to normalize the situation and soothe his father, he reluctantly agrees to the wedding with Sathya.

Imagine how awkward this scenario could be.  What do you think will be Sathya’s state of mind? Do you agree if I say that there will challenges for Sathya ahead in this story?  Well to know more about what happens in their married life, you can access the video library from the ZEE5 content library and enjoy the show.  In addition, you know how you can do this. Just Subscribe to ZEE5, enjoy the show, and peek into Sathya’s life! Believe me when I say that it is the Zee5 best series. #EntertainmentUnlocked

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