Story of Sathya

Eat, Pray, Sleep!

Story of Sathya
Basically these are the three activities that we think that an old person does. But we should never forget their contribution to our family growth and progress. Life after retirement is cool for many who worked in the government sector and life post retirement is more or less the same for them as they earn pensions. For others it is good too! So how does it feels after retiring. We work hard for 60 years and after that we all have time for our loved ones. Elderly people need some time for themselves and their family once they remove the monkey off their shoulder. They want love  and want to be loved by their kith and kin. But unfortunately, in this fast paced life, everyone is busy in minting money and  people don’t even have time to look after themselves, spending time with their old parents would be a difficult ask! 

The other day I was watching a Documentary on the same topic.  It showed life of several people who are coping with retirement.Most of them seemed to have been enjoying their retirement. Always save 10-12% of your monthly income for your future. Do increase the bracket as your income grows. These are the best investments that you could save for yourself as you grow old apart from the different traditional schemes that you opt for during your young days. By doing this you don’t have to dependent on your children. There is no surety that they would look after you in your old-age. Try to cultivate good hobbies. For instance, my grand mother is adept at crochet. She weaves good crochet purses and bags. I try my  best in finding customers for her. These are things that are close to her heart. She derives great pleasure by working on such art work. Perhaps my younger sibling acquired this art of weaving and crochet from her!  

Spend time with your grand children. From movies, we have been seeing that old citizens have an additional responsibility of managing their grand children. Of course it is a reality! In families where both the husband and the wife are earning members then it becomes obligatory for someone to look after their kids. Grand Parents come handy in that case. Spend some time with them. Teach them, help them with their studies and get loved! That’s the reason why grandchildren who often spend time with their grand parents are close to each other. That bond is phenomenal and can’t be compared with any other! 

As we grow old, we don’t have much to do. And most old citizens often have a well planned routine in their life – Eat, Pray, Sleep. And that is how life is! We study hard when we are young to create a base for our future. We work hard as we grow up for the welfare of our family. After achieving our accomplishments and targets , we look after our loved ones. Lucky are the ones who spend time with their family during their old age. Unfortunately due to increasing number of Old-age homes, people often tend to admit their old parents to such Homes without knowing how much it will hurt them.  Eat, Pray and Sleep is the new routine in our old age! 

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