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My Family My Pride

my family my pride

My Family My Pride – A story about Family and Love

Parents play an important role in the growth of an individual. They do sacrifice their life and happiness and invest their 100% for their children. That’s the duty of every parent. But how much do we as children respect and honor them is a big question. We owe many things to them. They have struggled throughout their life only for our happiness.   I still remember the good old days when my mother sacrificed her entire life for me and my sister. 

You can’t measure your parent’s struggles. But we should not forget that we all have an important role to play in their life as they played in ours. I am at a loss of words when I have to talk about my mother. She has been a pillar and a support structure in my life who taught me what life was all about. She motivated and encouraged me in every decision that I make. She sat by us every time I and my sister studied. Imagine doing all this after a long day at work. People tend to get tired after a long day at work, a hectic day to be precise.

She never got tired especially when it came to looking after her children. All that she desired in life was her children’s happiness. I can proudly announce that my momma is the best mother in the world. She has been the guiding star in my life. Whenever I faltered, she was always there to guide me. In every important decision that I made in my life, she has always been there. Some say that there is a light on the other side of the tunnel. My mother is the brightest light who was always there to paint my dreams.

But she would never talk about the sacrifices and the struggles that she made for us. Of course, she didn’t want us to know all that.  She just wanted us to focus on our dreams. Despite earning a low salary, she invested most of it for our extra classes so that we could not face any difficulty in our studies.  She did every bit of what she could do. When I look around, I realize that my parents have gone a few miles extra to look after their children.

Best holds less value as compared to their efforts. So if there is something beyond best, then they are my parents! They never said no to me and my sister. Despite having tight finance, they would anyhow make the necessary arrangements. They want me to stand on my toes and look after my own self. It’s said that up to only a certain age that your parents would look after you. 

Today I am at a better position in my life. I can fend for myself. But when I look behind, on my life journey, I could say that my parents were the heroes in my life! I would be zilch if it wasn’t them who never let me go down.  Engineering textbooks used to cost half a grand and others in my class would opt for previous edition and 3rd handbooks, but my mother and father would buy me new books. I would snap them saying that I don’t need new books and new books are too expensive.

But my stubborn parents cared about their children more than money.  Aforementioned, they only cared about me and my sister’s happiness and they wanted us to be in a good position in our life! Friends, be happy about what life has to offer you.  Never forget your parent’s contribution to your life. My parents are like my two eyes!  Today, by God’s grace I have everything, and all that is because of my parent’s struggle and sacrifices!

If they had not been supportive then I would have been nowhere! I can look after all my needs and now it’s my time to look after them and make sure they both get all the happiness that they sacrificed during their young age, looking after both of us! Thank you, God, for blessing me by giving a wonderful family! I could not have asked for anything better than that!  Unhone humhe  apne dum  pe jeena Sikhaya!   My Family, My Pride!

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