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Adrenaline rush is what we all experienced at the cinema theater when the ferocious Sher Khan chased Mowgli in the Jungle. Indian kids from the 90’s would fondly remember Mowgli for many reasons. But the Nostalgia factor after watching the Disney’s Jungle Book  wouldn’t be a great connect. The entire theme of the Jungle Book that played on the Doordarshan was different. Baghera and Baloo, Mowgli’s favourite had a crucial role in the movie  with Baghera playing Mowgli’s mentor, advicemaven while Baloo, a good trustworthy friend.  The Jungle Book will be a visual delight to everyone who watches the movie. Never hesitate to shell out some money and watch it on the big screen. If you don’t then you are missing a lot!

Raised by the Wolves in the Jungle, Mowgli is threatened by the mighty Tiger Sher Khan, the self proclaimed King of the Jungle. An adventurous encounter with a human leaves Sher Khan hurt and a scar on his face that reminds him of his past. This increases his animosity for humans. Knowing about Mowgli’s presence in the wolf packs annoys him and he warns the wolves to hand over Mowgli to him. In this adventurous story of the Jungle Book, its the Sher Khan versus Mowgli et al. Baghera advises Mowgli to leave the jungle and settle with humans. The Story revolves around the adventures and misadventures of Mowgli. And who wins in the penultimate fight between Sher Khan and Mowgli is something that should be watched. The VFX team should be appluaded for their efforts. They have given life to the movie. Every scenary of the movie is picturesque. The  early scenes of Mowgli escaping Sher Khan’s attack where he lands among the group of Buffalo’s  and the Bandar-Log scene is indeed mindblowing.  It’s a visual treat to the Jungle Book fans.  The director Jon Favrea  gets the brownie points. Full score to the new comer – Neel Sethi. He has just lived up as Mowgli in all the scenes.  Suncity, Vile Parle, the cinema house where I went to watch this movie was filled with mixed audiences from kids to elders. They all seemed to enjoy almost every scenes. Laughter erupted on the scenes where Baloo featured. The Bear necessities song was a cute addition to the magnificent movie. Of course the Hindi version of it πŸ˜‰ 

I watched the Hindi edition of the Jungle Book. It comes up with an ensemble cast of Nana Patekar ( Sher Khan), Priyanka Chopra ( Kaa), Shefali Shah (Raksha Ma), Irrfan Khan ( Baloo), Om Puri ( Baghera)  and Jasleen Singh(Mowgli) added colors of  joy to the exciting movie.  Kaa’s cameo was disappointing. We did expect much more from Kaa. But the scenes featuring Kaa did evoke silence.

Story of Sathya
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Baloo’s Punjabi Hindi is hilarious. Irrfan Khan ruled the movie as Baloo. This was the most entertaining character of the movie and one of my favourite. The Live action 3D movie does a good job in engaging the audiences. It will make you connect with the characters. Mowgli’s adventures, misadventures and his rendezvous with Baloo will drag a smile on your face. I have seen King Loui’s appearance in the Trailer but the Hindi version was a big disappointment. The English version suggested me that he would be a good potrayal but sadly I didn’t feel the same in the Hindi Edition. King Loui’s Goan Hindi didn’t amuse me, honestly. 

This movie is for all age groups.  This movie is  one time  watch over the weekend. It will invoke your old memories of the Jungle book. This is the primary factor that will make it a must watch for many.  The Jungle book has stayed for a long time in our mind and has ruled our childhood days. It becomes natural for us to enjoy and have a good time  watching this movie.

Disney’s Jungle Book is a visual delight and my full marks to the Graphics team.  I give 3.5/5 to the movie for an entertaining 2 hours. 

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