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21 Different Types of Drivers that you will encounter on the road

different types of drivers on the road

 Driving helps us to travel from one place to another. it is an integral part of life. Very often when we travel outside we meet people who often amaze us with their behavior or wit or sense of humor. In this blog post, I am going to talk about the different kinds of drivers I have interacted with or traveled with. Trust me some of them are darn annoying and sometimes I would just want to get out of the car. While some of them are kind enough to understand our problem. Without much ado, here we go.

21 Different types of drivers that you will see on the road

1. The Garrulous 

They are the talkative ones. Their mouth won’t stop talking while they are driving. They love to interact with their co-travelers or their passengers irrespective of whether they are interested in the conversation or not. I met an old Sardar while I was in Delhi 4 years ago. I had to travel to CP so I hailed a Taxi from Noida Sec 55 and then I realized that I had to meet this old man. He was unstoppable like a Radio Jockey. He spoke from Politics to Bollywood and took the conversation to Agriculture and Punjab, his hometown.

I was like someone stop this guy. My instant response to all his statements would be – Achha, Oh, Okay, Thik hai, Achha  Aise hua.  Of course, I didn’t want to hurt him. But I also didn’t want to sound rude to him. That’s not my nature!  But there are many who often get annoyed because of such drivers. They might be flawless, but they are just unstoppable. Talks related to Destination and travel are fine but senseless and baseless discussions really don’t make sense and that too with a stranger whom you are meeting for the first time!

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2. The Schumacher

The second breed of drivers I’m talking about is the interesting ones. While traveling with them, it is necessary to wear a seat belt. Of course, would you like to risk your own life? They will zig-zag through any traffic and reach your destination within minimal time.  They will travel at 60 km/hr and above and they won’t even care about your safety. They are super fast. Only the Formula 1 driver drive that fast! Sometimes I would appreciate them but sometimes it’s just too much. What if you lose control and crash up and end up killing a poor street kid or a pedestrian trying to cross the road.  

Story of Sathya

3. The Kind ones

These drivers are very kind. They would talk only when it is needed. They are diligent and they would honestly do their work. They won’t unnecessarily open their mouth and talk. They will do their best to give a hassle-free travel experience to you.  I like such kind of driver. They are really kind though I have seldom  met such drivers  

4. The Abusers

I can’t stand such drivers. They will abuse the pedestrians mouthing bad words based on the person’s mother and sisters even if it’s their mistake. They are annoying. Though they might be adept at their driving skills but too much anger is not good. Probably they should enroll for Anger management classes. Once I traveled with one such guy.

A girl came in front of the car. She was talking on the phone and this guy had to brake to a sudden halt. 

“Hey Chori, Jaan Pyaari hai ya Phone!” He yelled at her (Translation – Hey girl, Is your life precious our phone! ) I agree that the girl was at fault, but one should learn to respect the other gender too!

“Abey Ghar pe bolke Aaya hai kya!” is another popular statement of such drivers. These words are usually said by Lorry drivers. Thanks for Bollywood movies.   Translation – Hey, Already informed your home or what?

Story of Sathya

5.The Obedient 

The Obedient drivers would politely listen to you and will wait for your directions on which route to go and all! They are very much like the kind ones!

6. The Slug

Some drivers love their car so much that they would not want any kind of a dent on their vehicle. They would drive slowly at their own comfort.  They won’t care about their passengers. If your journey was to be completed in 15 minutes then with the Slug drivers it would take 45 minutes

Story of Sathya

7. The Rules-man

He would follow all the traffic rules. He would ask his front-seat passenger to wear his seat belt. He would politely ask his passengers seated behind not to put their hands outside. He would look at the three mirrors – left, right, and rearview mirror. He is a nice guy just that he sometimes would seem like a traffic instructor to you more than a driver

8. The Singer

These kinds of drivers would not stop singing their favorite songs while driving. Of course, not all the singers have a nice voice. What if they have a croaky voice. Travel with them at your own risk 😛 They might hurt your eardrums. 😛 But some of them have a really good voice and they should try their  hands  voice  at Indian Idol 

Story of Sathya

9. The Musicians

They are much like the singers just that the Musicians play loud music especially the old Bollywood songs of 90’s era. It’s fine to play songs, but too loud songs might contribute to noise pollution. Even Justice Arnab Goswami would feel jealous of him.  They can be found drumming the steering wheels while driving. They are super enthu-drivers.

Story of Sathya

10. The Single Lane Driver

They would drive on a single lane – no matter what. They do not drive left nor right. The right lane is for driving according to them! They will just not move their vehicle sideways! Bloody Annoying guys!  

Story of Sathya

11. The Funny Ones

Funny ones! They crack hilarious jokes while driving and would prove as a good source of entertainment for the passenger. They would tickle your funny bones! 

Story of Sathya

12. The Other way guy

These drivers would claim they have a short cut for a road and, unfortunately, their shortcut itself turns out to be longer than the normal path. They would try their best to divert the minds of the passengers especially the ones who have never traveled to that place before. You would see such guys standing outside bus and railway stations. I once encountered such a guy outside Delhi Railway station and he asked me 650 bucks for a distance of 10 km thinking of me to be a newcomer. His face almost turned small when I said that I was a local and it usually doesn’t take more than 150. 

13. The Conscious

They  would always have this serious and conscious look on their face. At times, it would feel like you have to soothe and provide solace to them. You might even try your luck to boost their confidence. They might be a good driver, but somewhere their conscious look on their face will pose several questions on your mind.

Story of Sathya

14. The Love Birds

These are the kinds who won’t stop showing their affection while driving. Their PDA is at the top level. LOL. They are usually couples  – married, bf – gf or lovers, and so on. They would simply want to show the world that their love is unbeatable even when it comes outside home! Yo – Couples!  

Story of Sathya

15. Over Takers

They love overtaking other cars and they love doing that. Of course, they would consider themselves as a skilled driver. Driving would them would be fun at times! Again at your own risk 😛 And yes sometimes you might break into a very dangerous casualty! Sigh!  

Story of Sathya

16. The Hungry Ones

They are the ones who always eat while they are driving. Their taste buds are hyperactive and hence they always demand food  forever.   

Story of Sathya

17. The Rules Breaker

They are the ones who usually scan around at road junctions to look for the traffic police. If they can ‘t find any of them then they would easily race ahead irrespective if the traffic light shows red! They might even drive on the wrong way to reach their destination early. They love playing with danger and if found guilty of breaking traffic rules then they might invite huge penalties. Play safe with the big boys, mate!

18. The Social Media Frenzy

These are the ones who update their Facebook Status, Retweet a tweet or text a dear friend or talk to a best friend on the phone while driving. Sometimes, a loss in focus could lead to dreadful situations even impacting life.

Story of Sathya

19. The Thanker

The thanker’s love thanking people when they allow these guys to pass. It usually happens when you are at the turn and the arriving car driver allows you to go ahead of them. So, they usually wave their hands expressing their gratitude.

Story of Sathya

20. The Lane Changers

You can find them on the interstate highways quickly changing lanes. Lane changing is a part of the driving process especially if you are driving at a high speed on the highways. Are you this driver?

Story of Sathya

21. The Streamers

The streamers are basically the Millenials who love sharing their life in social media. They will take this opportunity to stream and talk to their fans on Instagram and Facebook using their Live features.

Story of Sathya

Be it any kind of driver but they are essential entities in today’s life. If you don’t have your own vehicle then it becomes obligatory to avail service of cab drivers especially if Public transport hurts you. At a time when people like me often get confused between application of brakes and clutch, drivers play an important role.  And now I am this kind of driver who has hardly touched the steering and  I literally suck when it comes to driving. Yes, The below guy is me! 😀 

Story of Sathya

  So, from the above list – What kind of driver are you? If you would like me to add a bit more kinds then do let me know in the comment section 🙂 

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