Story of Sathya

Roasted Turkey or Roasted in Turkey?


Story of Sathya

Mr. Watson, my boss had invited our team for a Thanksgiving dinner at his place. This meeting was to decide the fate of a few of our outstanding employees who shall be posted to our company’s different overseas location.
Few of them included Syria, Turkey, Iran, UAE,  Somalia, Ethiopia, and many North African countries. Well, seeing the list, you might have realized my feelings.
I had prayed to multiple gods that week as my heart didn’t desire to go outside of America. I love the USA! At least I could say so after seeing the opportunities in those countries.
So we all gathered around the dining table.  I smacked my lips as I saw the different Thanksgiving dishes Mrs. Watson had cooked for us. My boss was discussing the employee placement plan and I was busy staring at the roasted turkey that was neatly dressed on a large platter. My eyes couldn’t resist that sight and it was tempting. 
“So, I will now inform you what the management has decided.” The boss said, ” I just need a confirmation from you once I inform you your new work location.” 
My ears bypassed what he said all those time that actually made me regret.
He pointed towards me and said, “Turkey!”  I was busy drooling at the roasted turkey.
“Yes, turkey!” I told him. “Are you sure?” he asked to confirm.
“Yes, of course,” I said and the rats inside my stomach were busy rumbling. My mind failed to process the context of the topic and my boss had sent the confirmation to the management. The rest of my teammates had declined the offer and I was the only one who said yes. 
I was busy gorging on the roasted turkey while few of my teammates came and sat next to me.
“I admit you are indeed a brave man, Steve,” Andrea said to me. 
“I second you, Andy,” Greg said brusquely.
“I mean how could you think of Turkey,” Matt said, ” You must be a legend. Look at the extreme conditions there and the ISIS threat.”
“How could you think of moving to Turkey?” Jeff joined in. 
“Turkey.” I stood perplexed. It was a late realization. The oven roasted turkey had blinded me for a moment that my company decided to parcel me to Turkey.
Because of roasted Turkey, I was sure of getting roasted in Turkey.
“Nooooooo…..” I screamed at the top of my voice while my teammates were busy appreciating my courage. 

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