Story of Sathya

Homosexuality is against our Indian culture…

The Bijrang Sena youth beckoned two young boys talking to each other at the library.  The boys were fond of each other and loved each others company. Their relationship was known to the entire college. 

The Bijrang Sena youth slapped both of them and told, ‘Homosexuality is against our Indian culture.’

The two boys quickly ran out of the library. They both were visibly hurt as they only craved for acceptance but the society rejected them.

The Bijrang Sena youth later logged into Facebook and got amazed by the rainbow dp that symbolised Gay Pride support. He was mighty impressed by it. 

Moments later, he quickly changed his display photo reflecting the Gay Pride colours and wrote a caption – ‘ I support Gays and Lesbians. ‘

This blog post is written as a part of the A to Z Challenge annually held in April every year.

My April A to Z Challenge 2017 post will be written on a common theme – Hypocrisy of Indians.

Story of Sathya

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