Story of Sathya

Girl Child Vs Boy Child

Mahabir Phogat, a former Wrestling champion had lots of dreams on his eyes but unfortunately, he bowed down to family pressure and couldn’t fulfil his dreams.
He thought that only a boy could fulfil his dream. But slowly his dreams started getting dimmed when his wife delivered four girls.

Even at that moment, Mahabir Phogat was of the opinion that only a guy could win a Gold medal for India at the  International stage. 

But one day his daughters thrashed a boy who abused them. This event led to Mahabir Phogat’s Hruday Parivartan ( change of heart)

Imagine if this event hadn’t happened like the Phogat sisters didn’t go to school or something like that. In that case, Mr. Phogat would still be craving for a boy child to fulfil his dream. 

But anyways rest is history. So, it’s Okay, Mr Phogat. But I appreciate the efforts you spent in your daughters. Good job done!
 Girl or a boy is decided by your Y chromosomes. You can’t bribe your sperm by asking it to carry a Y chromosome. Whatever it be, be happy with it. It’s your child. Be it, girl or boy – embrace and love them equally.  

This blog post is written as a part of the A to Z Challenge annually held in April every year.

My April A to Z Challenge 2017 post will be written on a common theme – Hypocrisy of Indians.

Story of Sathya

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