Story of Sathya

The Ultimate Fall of her life

The Ultimate Fall of her life – A short story

A scathing sensation gripped his chest as he held his arms around her shoulder. Though her heart sank deep in melancholy, her lips still curved into a pleasant smile as he looked at her. But there was a pain that felt no numbness. They were about to bequeath their life for their destiny proved them wrong. A silent tear copiously streamed down her cheeks. An invisible tear invaded his eyes too!  

“Let’s Go.” She screamed.   She moved his arms away and with this, he released his grasp. For a moment, he saw her fingers fluttering in the wind as she fell.  

ultimate fall

Her ebony dark strands clashed with the wind. Where will she go? What will she do?  Over a thousand questions bombarded his mind.   “Hey, Don’t leave me.” He screeched out in a broken breath.   But by then there was no one to listen to his cry. She had already fallen! She had fallen for him for their love couldn’t be complete. He still saw her falling, her body greeted by the serene touch of the winter winds.   

He immediately rushed down, fighting against the rocks and the pebbles that he encountered. He rolled down, injuring and hurting himself terribly. His heart skipped several beats as he went closer to her. But by then she had already descended heavenwards. The evening sky displayed various tracing patterns of orange and its shades. He stared at her innocent face. He stood there speechless! With hopes still alive, he sucked through her lips, to inject air that filled life. But that air only stunk of death. His eyes closed and he soon fell apart!    

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