Story of Sathya
 Peter Parker was a nerd  who lived with his Uncle Ben and Aunty May. He had hots for his neighbor Mary Jane whom he liked. He used to follow her like crazy everywhere.But he never had the courage to talk to her.They both studied in the same high school.

It was one fine morning and Peter and his classmates had visited the Genetics Laboratory as a part of their field trip. My dad who was a very brave spider was taken by these ruthless scientists who wanted to research. They started harassing us and injected chemicals into us.I can’t tell how much it hurted when I saw my daddy cry and screech in pain. A tear tricked  through my eyes. My daddy had always been a role model and a hero for me. I always  wanted to  grow up like a big mighty spider just like my daddy.That was the day when Peter tried to impress his love interest. He had a crush on Mary and while following her accidentally his hands came across my daddy. It really hurt daddy very much. Daddy was so strong and this was the reason why Scientists preferred to use my dad as a part of their research and transformed him into a genetically engineered spider.My daddy got angry. Peter didn’t knew that he had messed up with the greatest genetically engineered spider ever. He failed to realize that this could even changed his life forever. Daddy soon planned an Operation , a mission against Peter.It was his war against Peter Parker.

Mom,me and my little sister were closed inside a bottle along with other spiders. Mother pleaded and urged daddy not to bite him.She was afraid that these humans would kill my father. She screamed loudly but dad could not hear.Mother didn’t want him to bite the handsome lad for she believed that Peter could kill my dad. Dad looked at my mom for once and glared at her. His eyes turned red with anger.He could still feel the pain as Peter hit him. Little Sister was a baby spider then and she was asleep. We never intended to wake her up. Slowly and Steadily my daddy started following Peter. Peter was following Mary Jane and my daddy was following Peter. Mary looked behind and of a sudden Peter behaved as if he was doing something constructive. Peters best friend  Harry Osborne took Mary Jane for a coffee and my daddy  used this as the best opportunity to bite Peter. He soon raged a war against Peter and bit him again and he escaped.Peter was looking at his hand where my daddy bit him. It swelled and it pained.

It was at that time my daddy screamed with joy “WITH GREAT POWERS COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITIES”. He was in a state of ecstasy.In TV they show the good side of Peter Parker.Did they ever showed how Peter took the revenge. He Smashed my father with his smelly shoes.It was blood all around. My baby sister woke up.The place turned silent.Mom was shocked and she died of an heart attack leaving me and my baby spider sissy orphans. Today there is no one to look behind us.The next day Peter Parker became muscular,strong and his reflexes  were super quick.He even emitted Web Strings. In short he became a super hero and impressed Mary Jane. Mary ditched Harry and became Peters girlfriend.Ultimately its Peter who became famous. Whom do I blame for this? I lost my parents. We were a happy family of 4 ,but Peter ruined our life. My baby Spider sister questions me about my parents. But Media is so ruthless.They had all the time to talk about Peters achievements,but no one even bothered about the Spider. I strongly condemn the use of Spider as his name. He became a Spider-Man by killing my daddy,the greatest Spider ever.

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