Story of Sathya
Story of Sathya
  I  reminisced my old memories from past to know that my last few years have been a learning experience for me. I had learned what life actually was. I experienced life. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon and a golden bracelet. A pampered kid ,learned to live life staying alone. I had to make the decision of my life only to know that  I had to survive through  extremities. I realized the worth of my family when I started staying away from them. I understood the importance of our loved ones. For they are the one with whom you celebrate the important events in your life,but without them I lived to celebrate things alone.I learned the important lesson of my life where I had to compromise between love and work. I had to travel to a different city for earning bread and butter.I saw my love fading away from my life as I moved away.During the last few years, I learned and my insatiable thirst for knowledge and excellence only grew more. Work became my second life. Weekends seemed to have been occupied with work. For a person who was known as a networking king failed to socialize. Client interaction was the only interaction which I knew. For people only said that I earned and enjoyed life without family,but little do they know how much I struggled to survive. Every single minute seemed eternal for me. I survived through the extreme weather and harsher climates. I witnessed the scorching heat and the shivering cold. I saw my hands trembling during the winters as temperature decreased as days passed.When I really felt I was in a wrong place, I was forced to live life in that place. I was assured a home ticket ,but that promise took time to materialize.As a result ,the wound spread more and it left behind the scars of disappointment and sadness.In this materialistic world, people suffer to gather something which diminishes with time.The world only sees the outer pleasure ,but no one realized the pain and  the sufferings within. Everyone talks about how you achieved and no one is interested in counting what I have achieved. I have learned lesson, an important lesson of life.In this event I learned the importance of family and friends. I made lots of contacts in the corporate world. I saw myself transforming into a butterfly from an helpless caterpillar.My last 2 years doesn’t reflects the sad phase of my life, it only displays the learning moments of my life. Life teaches!

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