morning blues

Morning Blues and the clock goes tick-tock

morning blues

Morning Blues, the clock goes tick-tock

In the Morning to Work today,
I saw the traffic go morose,
I wish I could move,
in a swift, away.

The cars, they honk a musical honk,
a headache it triggers,
in this mindboggling traffic,
slowly I drift away.

Looking at the watch go tick tock tick
I smile at  my own plight
Never again shall I be late,
the traffic that I hate.

I look at the traffic light,
waiting  for the red to go green,
never did it happened,
nor my car moved.

I honked the horns,
they all saw me go berserk,
crazy and weird,
they all called me.

Looking at the watch go ti
ck tock  tick,
the light showed green from red,
Lord finally heard my prayers,
The traffic moved once again.

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