Story of Sathya

Sarah,Leo and the 10 Rs Note

 It was a fine sunny morning and as usual Sarah and her friend Niketa were waiting at the Mumbai Gol Building bus stop to board the bus #57 destined for Kurla.Sarah was doing her medicine. Niketa and Sarah were like two best friends since childhood. They would often address each  others as soul sisters. They would share the wildest and the deepest secrets amongst them.

“Nikku, you know I saw Leo’s Inception movie for like the 38th time,” Sarah was a huge fan of Titanic,Inception fame Leonardo Caprio. She would do anything to get the first show tickets of his movies. Such a die hard fan Sarah was. Sarah and Niketa were busy indulged in some discussions regarding Leo’s new movie J.Edgar.

“Do you know What Nikku,” Sarah grinned.
“Whaat Sarah baby,” Niketa was curios to know what she was going to say.

‘Leo looks hot in J.Edgar..I have already taken a printout of his movie stills and pasted it on my Bedroom walls ,” Sarah smiled.

“Oh you silly girl….,’ Niketa winked.

Bus#57 finally arrived. There was  one person who was keenly observing Miss Sarah from sidelines. He used to do this almost everyday but Sarah never knew him. During one such discussions, the guy overheard that Sarah is a huge fan of Leo. Since then he changed his hairstyle to that of  Jack Dawson’s of Titanic. He seemed to be liking Sarah but unfortunately he didn’t had enough courage to take it a step further.So he had finally decided that he will go for the goal  and try to talk to her.

Sarah and Niketa were seated at the ladies seat. He admired Sarah from behind. Everytime he would go to talk to her , Sarah would talk to Niketa about her hero Leo. Finally,the guys stop had arrived. He took a pen but sadly he didn’t had any paper.He searched for  papers on his bag ,but he could only find chits which he used for his Semester exams. He took a 10 Rs note and wrote his name and phone number  on it and threw at Sarah and smiled at her. When Sarah opened that she realized that it was a  10 Rs note. Niketa had told her that this guy was observing her since long and he didn’t had any paper so he wrote his number on a 10 Rs note. Sarah got furious for once and grimaced at him as he was smiling at Sarah like a shameless. Sarah threw the note behind. An Old man from behind came to Sarah and asked her if she didn’t want the note and Sarah replied that it was not hers.Sarah found this act of this guy rather cheap. Even his Jack Dawson hairstyle did not suffice.

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