Story of Sathya

Honesty is the best Policy

The entire class awaited the Semester 1 result.Vivek was a student of St.Anthony’s High School,Mumbai.He was amongst the brightest student of Class 8D.But that semester his History paper was miserable as he couldn’t study for his exam because of fever. But any how he managed to attempt 40 marks.He was quite sure that he has no chance of passing. He helplessly looked at History teacher Charles entering the classroom with the answer sheets.
He gave a ‘sinister’ smile indicating that the paper correction was not good. He called out the roll numbers in a sequential order.He announced their marks as the pupils arrived to collect their answer sheet.
‘Roll Num 34 Vivek Kumar,’ He called our Viveks roll number.
Vivek walked towards his professor to collect the marksheet.He knew that he would fail.
‘Bad performance…37.5 out of 100…very disappointing Vivek..not expected this from you,’ Charles sir announced.
Little Vivek could not believe that he actually manage to pass through.
The teacher smiled at Vivek as he collected his papers.
Vivek scanned the marksheet and checked if there was any scope of increase in marks.He was shocked to see that the total sum of his marks were coming out to be 27.5. He immediately ran towards the teacher and informed him about the extra marks. Charles Sir noted his number.
Later that night Vivek was feeling sad because of his own actions.He could have ignored the total marks,atleast he could have passed.But he thought to be honest.He never had the courage to inform his parents about his marks for he knew that they would get angry on him. He told them and got beaten severely as he was supposed to be in elite category.
During the Open house ,Semester results were to be distributed. Vivek along with his little sister entered his class.
His mother collected his marksheet and she smiled at Vivek.
‘Why do you have to lie to us Vivek?,’
‘What are you saying Mother?. Did I pass?,’ Vivek retorted.
‘Congratulations son…you have scored 75% marks,’ She hugged him.
Vivek soon grabbed the report card from his mother and was amazed to see that his history marks remained unchanged.It was displayed as 37.5. He smiled.
We all knew that honesty is the best policy.But these days we seldom find honest people.The teacher had given Vivek extra 10 marks because of his honesty.Little Vivek won his teachers heart by being honest.This little Vivek was none other than me. 🙂

Written for: Sunday Scribblings
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