Story of Sathya
I grow.I learn. I study
I play.I dream.I write,
I smile.I heart.I love,
I cry.I hurt.I hate,

I walk.I come. I see,
I promise.I ask. I win,
I work.I loot. I go.

After few years,
I walk.I come.I see,
I promise.I ask.I win,
I work.I loot.I go

They come.They go.We watch.We suffer.We see them save money.But we cry,keep crying  and always will cry.The cycle repeats. Its known. Perhaps one of the most pathetic post of mine. Still thinking why I wrote this but nevermind there is something in this post. Decrypt it and you will get to know .

Write up for Sunday Scribblings.

Story of Sathya

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