Story of Sathya

Hey honey this is Tanya here!!

**This is a work of fiction based purely on the Writers Imagination.

Umm!!! The word Tanya reminds me of the gorgeous chick who studied with us during our Junior college days at Shrirams.She was not a superstar, not even a supergirl,but she had a big fan club. Just imagine normal girls like her have fan clubs then what will happen to filmstars in future.We could concieve her as the next Miss World during those times.She was the heartthrob of almost everyone.I still remember Kishore running behind her like mad on the Valentines day. He was our senior.Our Student Counsellor,General Secretary,Prefect and every one was on the queue.

“Yaar,Apna number kabh aayega,” Krystofaar,my room mate used to ask me. I still have vivid memories of Krystofaar chasing Tanya when she was tramping alone at Chandi Chowk. Tanya was unaware of Krystofaar chasing her since long. Perhaps she had never seen him in our class as she was amongst the ‘out’standing student and even I was a part of this great fame league.This was how I befriended Tanya.On the other hand Krystofaar used to attend all lectures. That night when the street seemed to be isolated from normal crowded region of Delhi, Krystofaar was chasing Tanya. Finally after few hours they paused.They both were panting heavily.
“Hangon dude!why the fuck are you chasing me?,” She asked him with a cruel look on her face.

“Please for god sake don’t use the F word again,it is bad,” Krystofaar replied.
“Whatever?,” she was losing her temper.
“Actually I wanted to say that you look beautiful today !,”He added.
“Who are you silly?you ratface,”She said .
“Ratface,” he winked at her.
“Ok fine dude,thanks ,shall we go for a coffee,”She said to him.
“Hainnn!!! Coffee, Hanjii,” He said.
Soon they both left for CCD.Little they knew that some one was following them from sidelines and the spy was none other than me.

I’d seen entered the coffee shop like Agent Bond as if Tanya’s dad had asked me to follow her activity.After watching both of them it was for the first time I noticed that Krystofaar could actually blush.

“Damn! Sala” I said.
Finally the waiter arrived with the bill.Tanya was a typical 21st century girl who relied on the guys to pay her bills.Our college student chairman Rishi was paying her phone bills for few months which was replaced by Nishikanth,our GS. Our principal’s son was taking care of her make up and other accessories.
Krystofaar never had the habit of carrying Wallets.
“165 Rs Madam,” the waiter said.
“Can’t you see,Sir will pay,” She pointed towards Krystofaar.
Krystofaar pretended as if he was carrying his wallet and he forgot.So he asked Tanya to pay the bill.
“Damn!Ratface,”She was vexed.
“Waiter jiii please can you wait for few minutes till I get my money,” He said to the waiter.
“Chalo tum dono Bhartan gisso abh!,” the waiter replied.

“Bhartan and me,my foot,”Tanya said.
It was then the time for me to exhibit my hero giri.I entered the scene like a superhero.
“Hey Tanya,” I said.
“Hi Shravan,” she replied.
“What are you doing with Krystofaar?,” I curiously asked her.
“Well you know this Ratface?,” she said.
“Yup he is from our class,didn’t you know?,” I asked her.
Krystofaar was feeling sheepish for his behaviour.

Finally the problem was solved as I settled the bill amount.
Krystofaar ,me and Tanya went on to become good friends during the course of our junior college days. I had a strong intuition that Krystofaar had a crush on her.Krystofaar and me went on to crack IITentrance and we both studied in the same class once again. Tanya was doing her BMS from some reputed institution. We never had Tanya’s new phone number . It was after 4 years that I again decided to play a prank on Krystofaar.Few days ago,I actually came across a TV commercial Ad where few girls ask the viewers to call them. The devil in my mind started working. I noted the number on my mobile phone and saved it. It was 09987333333.
I tried to call her for fun.
Story of Sathya“Hey honey this is Tanya here, how are you sexy ?,” the person said.
I soon realized that it was a computer recorded message and the name ‘TANYA’ once again tickled my brain.
I asked Krystofaar to call her saying that it was Tanya’s new number.
Soon outright he dialled the number without any second thought.
“Hey honey this is Tanya here, how are you sexy ?,” the person said.
“Tell her that you love her ,” I said.
“Hi Tanya, I love you so much,” Krystofaar said.
“What will you do if I say I am feeling cold?,” the voice said.
“Will you give me a hug or not?,” it said.
“Yes,I will hug you and even kiss you,” Krystofaar grinned.
I could not control my laughter.
“Press 1 if you say yes or press 2 for no,”she said.
“yaar seems she is playing number games with me,” he blushed.
“Hey sweety,I will give you morning call tommorow, chillax!,” and the phone got cut.
Krystofaar was overwhelmed and excited. Every day he used to get up early because of the computer generated Tanya.
Poor Krystofaar never knew that it was a recored voice.
Later on when he came to know this,he got vexed.
He never spoke to us for few weeks until some one actually came to meet him.
“Hey Ratface! won’t you talk to me,”some girl said.
Krystofaar thought that it was me who was impersonating Tanya.
Later on it was Tanya who was in the city for vacations.It was me who asked her to meet our cute champu.
“Oh Ratface!!,” she said again.
“Oh my god! Tanya,” Krystofaar came running towards her like the 1970’s Indian hero.
Krystofaar confessed his love to Tanya.Tanya accepted it happily and Krystofaar was allset to become her 75th boyfriend. Any idea who was her 5th boyfriend!!:P

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