Story of Sathya

Disclaimer: All characters are fictitious.It is based on the writers imagination.This is an exclusive fiction work.

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Finally , we left for our Camp. I made sure that I had the book with me.It had the most important letter of my life which would decide the relationship between Mandeep and me.“Sandy ,dude,don’t get scared,” Andy said to me.

Life is an enigma for me.I have met many people in my life. Some were friendly and some who ignored me most often.Getting Andy as my friend is one of the most luckiest thing that I have in my life. He is my alter ego and my roomie since many years.

“Yar Sandy ,where were you ?,” Mandy came running towards me as we reached the destination.

“No, yar actually we were late ,” I replied.

“Uff, dude today is the last time we people are going to meet ,” She said.

“Yes,Mandy,” I replied.

“I wish these days could remain forever and yes we should meet again in future,” I added.

“Ullu ,Buddhu, we will,” She grabbed my hand and took me to introduce her other friends.

“Andy! come with me na,” I asked Andy to accompany me.

“Andy,tu bhi aaja !,” Mandy said to Anandit.

We reached the place. She took us to meet her friends.It was a precious moment for her.“Sandeep,do you have the letter with you,”Andy asked me.

“Yes ,I do,” I replied.

“Give it to her,” he impatiently said to me.

“Yaar,ok I will,” I said.

“Disha and Parul meet my friend Sandeep,” Mandeep introduced me to her friends Disha and Parul. They once used to be her school friend. “This Parul,the pink babe from Kashmir used to be a naughy girl during school days,” Mandeep winked.

“Now see her,damn beautiful she is naa, Andy,” She said.

“True,Mandy.Your friends are as beautiful as you,” Andy replied. I was scared and I could not open my mouth .I had the letter with me ,but I didn’t had the courage to confess my love to her.Meanwhile Mandeep was searching for some one. May be she was looking for her other friends whom I didn’t knew.

“Abhey should I tell her everything,” Andy said to me.

“No, I will tell,” I was nervous.

Some unwanted thoughts were running through my mind.

What if she says no? and what if she stops talking to me. I didn’t want to lose her friendship.

After few minutes I went close to her.

“Hang on Sandy ,I’ll come back,” she said and left.

After 10 minutes she came with some Sikh sardar . “Achha,bol de saale,” Andy was insisting me to tell my love for her.

“Yaar,ok ,” I told and I removed the letter from my pocket.

“Sandy my baby, meet my fiance Manpreet Singh,” She said.

Tears came out of my eyes suddenly.It felt as if the sad breeze had brushed me. I was feeling low and sad. I was broken from within.

“Hi, Manpreet,” I wished him. After few hours,both me and Andy left for the hostel.

He removed the letter from my pocket and tore it into peices.

“She is not lucky dude,” Andy said to me.

“Probably she didn’t deserve you ,” he added.

“You rock man,don’t get dishartened .You have your good buddies with you,” he said to me.

I felt like crying and I cried to the core. It was the first time I was crying after long.I was not a cry baby and never wanted to be one.I always wanted to see smiles on people’s faces. But now there was no one to soothe me.

Later Mandeep had called me.I refused to pick up her phone call.

After few minutes I got an sms.

“Manpreet and me are getting married soon,you are invited. Love you Sandy bless”

The next day I left for my home town in Delhi. I left uninformed.


Dear friends,

I am extremely sorry for this long delay.This is not a fiction as the disclaimer says.This is the story of my best friend. I am none other than the ‘Andy’ of this story.I just hope that he is happy wherever he is. Thanks a lot dude.We all love you .


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