Story of Sathya

225. Wake up sleeping beauty….

The crescent moon shined brightly  as the night sky exhibited its beautiful shades of darkness.It was a calm environment and there was no one in sight for miles.Birds were tired and returned back to their nests and the stars twinkled.The animals of the jungle retired to sleep and it was darkness all around. They both looked at the stars and pondered about its beauty.The ground was moist with the evening rainfalls and the smell of the mud was just inviting.It was a perfect night for Sid and Neha. It was a new beginning for both of them.  The jungles of the Vindya’s were famous for the rattle snakes. It was said that any one who enters the jungle  never returns back.

He stared at her eyes and admired her body while she arranged the bed. The cottage was just near the outskirts of the jungle and was isolated.
“You are so hot,” Sid said to his wife.
“Mmmmm!,” she moaned.
“I am not surprised I fell for a beautiful lady like you,” he said.
“I am glad I’d got some one like you,” Neha nictated.

Story of Sathya
The night sky displayed a perfect formation of the sparkling stars.She felt a sudden rush of blood in her veins as their lips locked. He carressed her nape and her dark hairs.She felt a slight hesitation as Sid placed his hands over her bosoms. She surrendered herself to some one who she consider her life.He pulled her over his arms and completely undressed her as his fingers wildely ran across her  hairs.With a swift movement,he moved his arms close to her body and held her tightly. She was panting heavily as he firmly hugged her.
“Do you  love  you?,” she said playing with his fingers .
“Yes, I dooo,” he replied.

Her bare bosoms touched his hairy chest as she humped over him.A thousand butterflies were fluttering inside her stomach . The joy and the excitement were soon replaced by long moans. She fluttered her eyes as he kissed her.Her clothes were lying besides her as his fingers  gently stroked her hairs.
“Hey beauty! what do you think about me?,” Sid asked her.
“You are just too good,” she replied.
“I can’t imagine a life without you,” she added.
They both got married 3 days before they travelled to Pune. He learnt the faith she had in him. They both  travelled all the way from Amritsar to traverse the beautiful jungles of Vindya despite the presence of toxic snakes . It was the land of rattle snakes.

“You know there is a rattle snake beneath our bed,” Sid said to his wife.
“Shut up,you’re scaring me,” she got scared for once.
“I’m just testing how brave you are,” he winked.
“You are just too bad Sid,” she said.
“Oh I was just kidding, there are no snakes ,” he hugged her.

“I love you baby,” he said.
“Good night!,” she said and they both slept.
The soothing chirps of the birds and the early morning sky was a sight to see. Sid woke up early and prepared tea for his wife.
“Wake up sleeping beauty,” he said.
“Wake up sleeping beauty,its time to rise and shine..,” he nudged her.
He shuddered her body as she failed to respond.
“Oh god! Neha wake up ,wake up please,” he screeched.
Little did he know that there was indeed a rattle snake hiding beneath their bed. The serpent had marked its presence by putting her to rest forever.
The sleeping beauty had finally slept till eternity.

Story of Sathya


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