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19 Interesting people you may see in every WhatsApp group

WhatsApp group can sometimes be a pain in the ass for some people who tag themselves as busy. I’ve been a part of numerous WhatsApp groups and I have many observations on the different kinds of people in those groups. You will find many interesting people in every WhatsApp group.

Sometimes muting those groups can be a wise decision but you may belong to some critical groups like family or best friends group where staying mum may prove offensive to some people. I am usually not vocal in some groups and talking about offending someone, I seriously don’t care about people! In this post, I wish to talk about some interesting categories of people who have impressed me and shocked me at the same time.

19 Interesting types of people in a WhatsApp group

1. The WhatsApp Ghost

The WhatsApp ghost can be found in almost all kinds of WhatsApp groups. They are usually the invisible ones who don’t care about the group and are bothered only with their life. They only respond if they see their names in any of the conversations. Else they won’t even care to share pleasantries in the group. I could relate to this character. They are also known as Lurker.

in every WhatsApp group

2. The Porn Clip sharer

These kinds of people are pretty notorious for sharing porn-related clips in the WhatsApp group. I have a friend from the office who operates such a group and he is known for posting porn-related sexual content on the group. Well, they are basically found in adult groups but there are few exceptions as well.

Story of Sathya

3. The Big Brother

These people think that they are the big brother of the group and they have their opinion on almost every topic being discussed in the group. They will provide advise to the group members. And get involved in every damn thing in the group

4. The Breaking News Guy

They are the official News broadcaster of the group. Be it may be an Earthquake in Peru or death of an actor or any shady stuff done by China, these guys will ensure the group is aware of the latest happenings around the world.

Story of Sathya

5. The Memexpert

They are the funny guys who often end up making people laugh by sharing jokes or memes or funny videos for that matter. Almost every WhatsApp group is flooded by these guys. Their jokes are entertaining and you’ll love their jokes to the core.

Story of Sathya

6. The Single-Word Replier

Even if an asteroid crashes the Earth, these folks won’t stop replying in syllabled. Yes, No, OK, Okay, K, Kk, Yup, Sure, NP, Welcome, Ahh, Hmm, Mmm, Nah, Nada, Fine, etc words are some of the weapons of these guys. Do you know anyone from this group?

Story of Sathya

7. Good Morning/ Good Night Wisher

They care about everyone in the group and these are usually the elderly members from the groups. They don’t miss to wish Good Morning messages in the morning and send Good Night messages before going to sleep. It’s usually in the form of images with flowers or mountains on it.

Story of Sathya

8. The Quitter

One should never be a quitter in life. This statement holds true for life but you can quit WhatsApp groups any number of times. But sometimes it may annoy some group of people. I would be happy to quit the WhatsApp groups that I am a part of!

Story of Sathya

9. Movie Trailer

These folks are known for posting the trailer of the upcoming movies. They love discussing the movies and their cast. It gives them immense happiness to post such trailers.

10. The Political Guy

Whether it be the Republican Vs Democrats in the USA, BJP Vs Indian National Congress in India, or the Chinese Communist Party – These guys can discuss any type of Political topics. They don’t get tired easily. And you could find such people in most of the WhatsApp groups.

Story of Sathya

11. The Forwards Sharer

They will share anything and everything for a matter of fact. They wouldn’t mind spamming the group. Be it jokes, or blog post, they love sharing stuffs and they love doing it even if it annoys people.

Story of Sathya

12. The Talkative

These people can go on and on for hours even without caring about what people think about them. I personally know a guy who is in a common WhatsApp group and it seems like he is always online in the group waiting for a topic to talk on or waiting to reply to someone’s message. It’s funny but we can’t do much.

Story of Sathya

13. The Voice Noter

They will send you Voice notes to all your conversations. I am not seen many people like this but their crowd is increasing, But I think that its a good thing to send voice notes. It’s quick, convenient, and free. So, when something is free then why not use it. And moreover, it’s up to people to read it or not read it.

Story of Sathya

14. The Dialogues

In a group of 100 members in a WhatsApp group, there will be two people who will be involved in a dialogue and they would not care about the other 98 people. They always have the option of taking their discussions to a private chat but they simple would not do it.

15. The Planner

The Planner as the name suggests plans all the group activities. But either way, WhatsApp groups are very handy in sharing information and activity plannings. Recently we had organized a virtual chess tournament and the planning and coordination were done in a WhatsApp group.

Story of Sathya

16. The Fake News Spreader

They will spread fake news even without knowing it. And then someone has to tell them that it is propaganda or fake news and then by the time they could delete their messages, over 100 people must have seen it and spread it.

Story of Sathya

17. The Talented Artist

These are the guys who will post their TikTok videos or a video of them singing a sing or playing an instrument or something. They are very creative and I love such creative people.

Story of Sathya

18. Puzzles and Riddles

These are the people who keep sharing the different puzzles and riddles in a WhatsApp group and keep people busy. They are known to send interesting puzzles.

Story of Sathya

19. The Prayer people

These are the individuals who post prayers in the WhatsApp groups. They are mostly the uncles and the aunties in the family group.

Story of Sathya

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