Story of Sathya

That night at Pemako – 3

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They went close to him. Sameer was Ananya’s best friend. They knew each other since school days. Sami’s death came out as a big shock to them.

“Lets go!!,”Ishant asked Ananya to pack the bags and they soon left the place.

They both were frustrated and one could see the same from their facial expressions. They just want to leave the place and get home as soon as possible. They took all their belongings, but some thing was missing. Ishant had given his HSBC credit card to Sami. They didn’t had sufficient amount of money with them. It’s the credit card which would solve the money problem.

They both soon ran towards the place where they sought shelter on a temporary basis with the help of a tent. Ishant asked Ananya to wait near a huge tree and he went to the same location where Sami was found dead.

Story of Sathya

Alas! Sami’s body wasn’t there. He tried searching near the mountains and the river stream, but he couldn’t find him. The frustration level increased and they both eventually escaped from the place.

Ishant was confused for a while and so was Ananya. “Where could his body go, if he was dead?” the question buzzed on his ears.

A day later they reached Delhi. She lived in Rohtak apartments in Rajendra nagar.Ananya was worried and could not concentrate on her work. She would think of Sameer again and again. It was she who insisted Sami to join her .She started feeling guilty. She could not eat her food. Even Ishant was upset.

He asked her to refresh herself and get involved in some other activities.He asked her to go online and chat with some of her friends.

4 days later, she was browsing through some friends profile in a social networking site called Orkut. A scrap message update popped up on bottom right of the browser screen. “LaLaLa has written you a scrap book entry,” it said .

The scrap was written by a person named “LaLaLa”.

She soon clicked the scrapbook link on top of the page and some shock awaited her.

LaLaLa: I know what you did “that night at Pemako”.

Had fun with your guy ahhh!

LaLaLa [:)] [:p] [:D]

Soon she called Ishant to her home and they both checked the scrap message once again. Now everything was confusing.”Who could have done it? How would one know about that? “It was creating doubts.

“Who could it be?,” Ananya asked him.

“Don’t know?,” he replied.

Ishant assured her that he will do something. Ishant was a computer programmar and was an expert hacker .But in this case, he was not able to trace the IP address of the other person called “LaLaLa”.It was a dynamic IP address and things were getting difficult.

Story of Sathya

The same night at 9 pm, she got a call on her cell phone.

“Hello,” Ananya said.

There was no reply from the caller for 10 seconds. She cut the phone call.

Again after 10 minutes, she got a call from the same number.

“Hello,” she said.

“Who is this?,” she asked .

“I know what you did that night at Pemako,”the caller replied.

“Who are you? What you want?,” she asked the person

“LaLaLa,” the phone got disconnected.

It was a familiar voice.But she could not relate it to any one. Now she was worried. “How could a stranger know about the other night at Pemako?,” She was tensed and nervous.

She cried as she never expected some one to know such things. It was some thing personal between Ananya and Ishant.

The next day, the same person called her at 4 pm.

“Please tell, who are you?,” Ananya pleaded.

“LaLaLa,” he replied.It was a matured male voice.

“Had fun with your boyfriend ehh,” the caller said.

“Oh God!!,” Ananya cried.

“I have a titillating clip of that night, everything between you and him,” the person laughed.

“Please don’t do this, what you want? “She cried.

“I want 25 Lakhs or else I will distribute the clip to every one,” the person laughed.

“Let all have fun, it’s a 35 minute video.Ummm,” The person said.

“LaLaLa,” and he cut the phone.

Story of Sathya

Ananya didn’t want every one to know about their relationship.She was sobbing . She was all alone at her house.

“Ding Dong,” some one rang the door bell. She was afraid for once and when she opened the door she smiled. She hugged Ishant and started crying.

She told every thing about the phone call. It was the same person who scrapped her on Orkut .

Few minutes later, her phone rang .It was some different number.

“Get 25 Lakhs on Saturday morning sharp at 10:30 am,” the person said.

“You have 5 days ,so you can arrange it,” the person added.

Both Ishant and Ananya heard the voice carefully.

“If you try to do something smart, then people on street will enjoy your erotic sex clip,” the caller said.

“Hello,” Ishant grabbed the phone from Ananya.

The person soon cut the phone.

“Who could it be? He is blackmailing me Ishh,” she said to Ananya.

“I think Its the bloody moron Sami,” Ishant replied.

He indicated that Sami was the person wasn’t dead and was behind the phone call and internet scrap thing.

“How could Sami do? He is dead,” Ananya said to Ishant.She was upset and she went to the garden.She was looking at the sky with a heart shaped locket on her hand which was gifted to her by Sami.

“This is for you Sami,” she cried and looked at the Sky..

Story of Sathya

To be Continued…

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