Story of Sathya

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 11)

(The shock..)
It was a fine evening with birds chirping all around.One could see the kids running here and there.People were having fun.There were many who swam .Many were playing beach volley ball.Some were enjoying the beautiful scenaries .Some boys just wanted to look at girls.
‘I am happy for Richie,’ said Parul.
‘Offcourse ,we have to be,’ smiled Ram.
‘I guess it was true love.True lovers can not be separated by any earthly powers,’ said she.
‘yes rightly said,’ Ram was looking at her.
He went closed to her.He touched her lips.Parul felt that every one was looking at her.
‘Stop it ,Ram’ said she.
‘Not now, its a public place,’ added she.
‘Just a kiss,’ said he.
‘ummmmm,’ Parul smiled.
At the same time ,Archana and her friends had bunked their Biology class.They came to the beach to have some fun .Archana was Ram’s younger sister.(Refer part 1)
‘Hey ,Neha , lets play ,’ said Archana.
‘Lets have some ice creams and sweets,’ said Shruti.
‘Sure,Baby!!,’ said Archana.
“Vanilla for meeeee,’ shouted Neha.
Ram and Parul were kissing each other behind the icecream shop.Shruti ,who passed by the shop had a clear view of what was happening there.She was stunned and shocked as it was the first time she was seeing couple’s kissing each other.She was shocked to know that it was Ram Anna.She soon rushed to call Archana.
‘Archana, Archana,’ Shruti came running.
‘What?’ shouted Archana.
‘Look, what’s happening there?’ said Shru..
‘what? Tell me here,’ said Archana.
‘You just come and see naa,’ shruti added.
‘Ok ,whatever, lets go,’ Archana said and the whole gang went to see what was happening.
She was shocked to see what was happening around that place.She was stunned and could not believe that it was her brother .
‘I am shocked,’ said Archana.
‘It can’t be my brother ,’ said she.
‘He is Ram anna,’ Shruti said and they all left for their home.
Mean while , Ram and Parul were having a casual talk.
‘How are you parents?’ asked Ram.
‘They are good,’ said She.
‘Mom, asking me to get married,’ Parul said.
‘what did you say?’ asked Ram.
‘Not now and what else do you expect me to say?’ she said with a straight face.
‘Even my parents asked me the same,’ said He.
‘Really!!,’ Parul winked.
‘it seems that they have seen a girl who works in the HR dept of Accenture India Ltd,’ said Ram.
‘and they want me to marry her..,’ he added.
‘So you all set to ditch me for the Accenture girl,’ said she.
‘No way ,bachha,’ smiled Ram.
‘How dare you?’ winked she.
‘I’ll drop you on the way to your hostel,’ said Ram and they both head for their respective places.
The solitary writer says “is that everything about love.”.
“Amma,” shouted Ram
(to be continued..)
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