Story of Sathya

Disclaimer – All characters are fictitious . All images have been taken from Google Images.

‘Please, Please Anki…Please..Please,’ I pleaded.
‘No means no…Stop nagging me Rahul,’ Ankita said with a straight face.Ankita Sharma was my childhood friend.She was the one who recognized the hidden talent in me  in form of Singing.For me, she is my best friend.
‘Please..Please introduce that girl to me naa,’ I started again.
‘Oh God! which girl stupid?,’ She was agitated and irritated by my gestures.
‘Afreen..’I replied.
‘Afreen Shaikh..the one in your Facebook friends list..,’ I continued.
‘Mr. Rahul Meher ..not again..please forgot that..I am not going to help you with this,’ She refused for once and went back to paper correction.She worked as a Secondary school teacher in Kendriya Vidyalay .I was doing my final year  Engineering from KJ Somaiya Institute of Technology.
‘Please stop stalking her for God sake..this ain’t good bro..,’ She said with a straight face.
‘Stop calling me parents never told me that I had one more sister..,’ I grinned.
I lived in Mumbai since my Junior college days and  for me the ‘city of dreams’ has been an integral part of my life.I have had all the special  memorable moments of my life in this city with my best buddies. My parents along with my little sister Priyanka lived in Delhi.The one person whom I missed badly has to be Pri. Pri,my little angel is one of the most precious asset.I have always been a responsible and a caring brother to this pretty girl called Priyanka Meher.She is the princess of our house and everyone in my family adores her.

‘Haha…now I am seriously going to call you Bhaiyya… and I am not going to help you in this,’ She said for once.

‘Oh! you are such a sinister and you call yourself my best friend huh..,’ I banged the door and left.

Ankita is amongst few of those persons in my life whom I admire. Ankita who was born to a Scientist dad and an Engineer Mother decided to take Education as a part of her career.I always used to tell her that she could be some Astronaut or some famous scientist.But she would simple ignore all my suggestions just because she wanted to live her life the way she wants. She loved little kids and she had been associated with  an NGO called ‘Make a Difference’ which aims at educating poor and needy kids. She would be teaching kids and help them in solving Algebra,Geometry and Science as she was good in those subjects.

Ten minutes later I’d received a phone call from Ankita.
‘Hello, I don’t want to talk to you,‘ I said to her.
‘Hey ,Hey boy!! I want to tell you that she is actually a reserved girl yaar..Please understand Rahul,’ She said.

‘So..’ I replied.
‘So..she won’t add you or she won’t be interested in knowing you. I do not want to see you get are my best buddy..and you know how much you mean to me ..,’ She was getting emotional.

‘Oh..sorry ..I understand Anki..don’t worry I won’t  let you down..but I seriously want to be friends with her..,’ I said .

‘Oh OK your wish..I am not going to help you..Good luck..,’ She said and cut the phone. I sometimes fail to understand girls. All my attempts to understand them have been futile.

I soon left back for my room at Andheri . Ankita lived at Borivali. I boarded the Churgate slow local.I traveled all the way from Andheri to VidyaVihar for my college.

‘Forget her Rahul..She  would be lucky if she gets you which I am skeptical,’ I received a text message from Ankita after an hour where she was being pessimistic.

‘Huh! you know what when you remove a dogs tail from a bottle after 12 years…even after 12 years it would never get straight…I hope you get it ;)’ I texted her back.

‘And you are that dog Mr.Meher…bow bow πŸ˜› πŸ˜›  and your tail can never get straight Haha Rahul πŸ˜› πŸ˜› ‘ She  texted back after 5 minutes.

‘ X-( I hate you ..stupid,’ I sms’ed her and by then my phone battery was almost empty.

I switched on my Dell Inspiron and logged into ‘’ . I checked for the 119 notifications and 13 unread mails. I unfortunately happened to like a girls profile picture and  later on I regret liking her picture for those notifications which flooded  my account.

‘Shishir Mahajan  commented on Nishika Arora’s Photo,’ one of the notification read.

‘What the Fuck!! How is it going to matter me …I don’t even know this Shishir guy, ‘ I said to myself.

I opened Ankita’s Facebook profile and quickly searched for Afreen Shaikh.

I sometimes fail to understand why girls enable privacy setting for their profile.I investigated her profile and found that we had 3 common friends.The other 2 girls were Ankita’s room mates whom I befriended.

She was looking good.She was simple and for a moment I thought that she was an innocent girl.She was wearing an Indian attire.I soon clicked on the ‘Add as a friend’  button.

‘Hey there..I  think we have met before..were you from St.Lawrence High School,’ I added her as a friend by writing this note. I thought that Afreen could be Ankita’s school friend and I knew that Ankita completed her secondary education from ‘St.Lawrence High School’. How shameful could one get when it came to meeting girls in Facebook especially the ones with pretty profile pictures. I was  98% sure that Afreen would not add me back as a friend but I also believed that luck factor has always played an important role in my life.So I thought that the 2% would favor my luck.But to be honest I was hoping against hopes.

Story of Sathya

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