Story of Sathya

Love & Lies 3

 Disclaimer – this is a work of fiction. Images have been taken from Google images.

Continued from Part 1 & Part 2

‘Thats it Rahul….Its enough…this is too bad…,’ She continued.
‘Whaaatt did she say?,’ I was perplexed.
‘You should have told me that you are Didi’s best friend.’ She smiled.
I heaved a sigh of relief after hearing this from Afreen.  I was worried for once.

‘I asked  Dii if  she knew you…and she said that you were her best friend,‘ She continued.
‘Aww ..Thats so sweet of her ..,’ i typed her. I was of the impression that Ankita would not help me in befriending Afreen. This was not expected from her. My rational mind started thinking about the aftermath of Afreen’s call with Ankita. Luckily nothing catastrophic happened.I was at the safe end.

‘You know what Rahul..I always admired Ankita didi …she used to teach me Geometry at School,’ Afreen typed.

Ankita,during her school days helped mentoring her juniors.Afreen was one of her junior. She had told me many times.
“Oh God!! See I forgot….I have to prepare for my Anatomy Viva tommorow..I better leave now,’ She was in a hurry.
‘Even I have my Mechatronics paper tommorow..,’I was skeptical if even I would pass.I never wanted to get a backlog in any of the final Sem papers. It would be  delay my admission in FMS.
“Bye, πŸ™‚ ,‘ She smiled and logged out of Facebook Chat.
It all happened in quick succession that I kept wondering if it  really happened. For once ,I was waiting to meet Afreen and  I could not believe that I actually interacted with her. I was delighted and my joy grew no bound. Later that night I had to toil hard on the Mechatronics  problems and theories.
‘ I hope you  are happy now..called you to let you know that Afreen had called me to ask about you ..I told that you are my best friend :),’ Ankita had texted  me.
‘I can’t tell you that you made me happy you  for this dear..Wish me luck for my last paper sd tc ,’ I texted her.

‘Good Night dear..I know you will do well,’ She replied to my text.

It was an eventful day.Many  unexpected  things happened with me. Afreen accepted my friend request on could not believe my eyes when I saw the Facebook notification mail.

The next morning I had to wake up at 5 am because of my exam. I was 70% prepared for my paper.I was quite sure that I would atleast try to pass the exam. My priority was to attempt as many questions as possible.
I knew that my confidence level was low because of my preparation and I was probably forgetting the formula’s as i saw it for the first time. I reached  the exam Center at 10.30 am as our paper was scheduled to start at 11 am. The clock struck 11 and the invigilator handed us the question paper and the answer sheet. I could see only few familiar topics and the rest of the  questions were out of syllabus. I anyhow managed to attempt 70 marks.I had some faith in me.

‘Dude..what was the answer for that Robot Elevation Angle problem?,’ Ramalingam , my class mate asked me.I always hate discussing question paper after exams. Once I attempted 90 marks in Discrete Structure and  after paper discussions I lost the faith in me.I just passed with 42 marks. 

Story of Sathya

‘19.6 deg right?,’ I told him.
‘Ayyo Kaduvulle…its 21 deg…Why everyone telling different answers ?,’ He was visibly frustrated.
‘Chill Rama..yours must be right..its just 15 marks man..,’ I patted on his back.

‘Ayyo 15 marks Anna..It is big..Very high daa…From how I will know what is right answer..Ayyo Kaduvulle!!,’ Ramalingam seemed confused and ran towards  others in pursuit of the correct answer.

I laughed and left for my home. My phone buzzed with Ankita’s Text message.

‘How was it? Easy naa πŸ™‚ ,’ 
‘Yes dear..very easy,’I lied to her.

I had my lunch at the Sardar Restaurant.I reached my home after 30 min. Both my roommates were working in Top IT Companies.So they used to come home late. The disadvantage of staying with working guys is that you seldom get time to interact with them. One of my roommate would be busy engrossed in his office work and the other one would watch Porn movies from his Office Laptop. It seemed weird at times but I am used to it.

I logged into after taking a power nap.My eyes were scanning for Afreen.At the same time a notification popped up  on my Facebook account. 

‘Hello Seniore,.. How are you?,’ Afreen had posted on my wall.

I was just  typing in reply to her wall post and at the same time I got her ping on Facebook Chat.

‘Hi Rahul..Whatsup,’ She wrote.
‘Hey! I am good…You tell…,’ I greeted her.
‘Umm..I am good yar..had a terrible viva.. Haha..,’ She continued.

‘So are you happy for it or what….’ I replied.
 ‘No..I wasn’t prepared na..achha tell me something about you na?,’ She typed.
‘Well to be honest I study in an Engineering College.Actually gave the last Engineering exam of my life today,’ I wrote.
‘ was it? and apart from it what do you do?,’ She was curious to know more about me.
‘It was OK . Well apart from this I sell Mangoes outside Dadar Railway Station. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› ,’ I joked.
‘Oh wow Really..then I  might get mangoes from you at a discounted price naa πŸ˜› ,‘ She typed.

‘Oh why Sweetheart…why discount..I can give you free mangoes :P,’ I replied her.
‘Sweetheart??I am not your it?,’ She typed.
‘Then whose sweetheart are you,’ I smiled as I typed.
‘No ones!,’ She replied.
‘What do you do apart from Studying?,’ I curiosly asked her.
‘Well I sell Flowers outside Dadar Railway Station.Ever seen me there,’ She said.
‘No ..I haven’t.May be we should we become partners,’ I suggested.
‘Partners as in…,’ 
‘ buy 1 kg Mangoes and you get 1 flower free,’ I laughed.

‘Very Funny…,’ She said.

‘Achha Listen..I have to do the packing..I have to leave for Delhi tommorow,’ I  typed.
‘Happy Journey Rahul jii,’ She said.

‘Thanks Afreen!! Hey give me your number na?,’ I typed. I was not aware of what I was typing.But I wished  if she gave me her number.
‘What..are you mad or what… How can you expect me to give me your number on our 2nd chat huh..,’ She was getting furious.

‘Arey i seriously want to stay in touch with you and I am afraid i might not come online much when I return back to Delhi..Please number give naa….,’ I requested her.

‘This is very funny Rahul…I am not giving it ok…,’ She typed for once. There was complete silence for  15 minutes. My room mate Rishi had called me to collect the Pizza as he had to go out with his girlfriend Krunali. I had gone downstairs to collect the Pizza which he had brought for me . Meanwhile  my laptop had was unattended.

I returned back home after 20 minutes. I could see lots of messages from Afreen.
‘Hello ..Knock Knock…’
‘Hey..I am sorry upset kya..’
‘hey you are sad kya..don’t worry but still i wont  give you my number..Haha..:P .’
‘Rahul..hello..hello..knock knock..,’
‘Ok fine then I am going offline then,’

‘Hey don’t go offline..I am back..tell me,’I  typed hastily.
‘Well I have decided something..but you really have to make me a promise…,’ She typed.

‘Yes I will…,’ I wrote.
‘I hate people who make and break promises..but you really have to make sure you won’t break  the promise,’ She wrote.

‘Arey..first tell me what promise..what ..,’ I was wondering what could be the promise.

(to be conitnued..)

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