Story of Sathya

I Feel You ( Part 1)

Story of Sathya
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It was Wednesday. Wednesdays are usually the red letter days for Scrum masters who work for agile projects in IT companies. Being a Scrum master myself, I had to face the wrath of Customers and product owners in case if we messed up with the deliverables by not delivering the product within the stipulated timeline. Sprint is the unit of work in agile projects. Everything should be covered within the sprints. Imagine how cruel life would be for Scrum masters like me!
I was already running late for work that day. I started the ignition and drove the car out of the parking area of my Apartment. While driving towards the intersection, I met a friend. She was Neha, my college days crush!  She possessed a unique charm that drew boys towards her. 
Well, that was during our good old college days.  But her charm and elegance was still intact. She still looked adorable and her smile was something that attracted me. It dragged me closer to her and I would secretly admire her beauty when I was young. I had no clue about her whereabouts but today I found her back.  I stopped my car at the bus stop where she was waiting for the bus and waved him at her.
“Hey,  Isn’t that you, Neha?” I curiously asked. “Neha Kakkar.”
“Yes! But sorry! I couldn’t recognize you?”
“It’s me, Rajat!” I said. As we grow old, we tend to change in appearance. Well in our case it was quite evident. She failed to recognize me. Perplexed, she took a careful look at me and said, “Rajat Saxena?”
“Yes! Rajat Sexy na?” I winked at her and said, “Get in, I will drop you.”
She got inside the car and we started discussing about how life veered out in these 10 years.
“Got married?” I curiously asked her.
“And what about you?”  She asked me.
“I still haven’t found a girl as charming as you!” I joked.
“Thanks!” She said and blushed.
“How’s Life, Neha?” I asked as I drove my car on the Western Expressway.
“It’s Okay!” she said.  From her expressions, I felt she was hiding something.
“You sure?”
“Yes, why do you ask that?” She asked.
“Frankly, I am so happy after seeing you today.” She said and continued, “It takes me back to the memory lane. Old memories surface on my brain and it seems like it all happened yesterday and its bliss!”
“For a moment, it seems that the cupid has arrived and once again made me fall in love with you …just like I loved you secretly during our college days,” she said.
“What?” I interrupted her.
“Oops!” She said, “I need to get down.”
“What did you just say?” I asked, my ears couldn’t believe what I just heard.
“You really loved me?”
“What do you think?”

(To be continued…)
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