Story of Sathya

That night at Pemako – 2

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Story of Sathya

He woke up in the muted darkness. The wild leeches were sucking his blood.The chirps of the bird had woke him up. Morning at Pemako was a sight to see. Ishant was not an early bird, but he woke up early. He enjoyed the waterfalls, the beautiful snow clad peaks and the lushness and the greenery of the jungle .The cold breeze and the mist pleased him. Even one could hear the twiddles of the birds. It was just 6 am. Ishant never got up before 9 am, but things had changed by then. He stared at Ananya. Her soft and alluring cheeks attracted his lips. He kissed her soon or later. He caressed her hairs and hundred thoughts were running in his mind.He stared at her eyes.

As the sun rises, beyond yonder hill,

I see a beautiful maiden, by my side,
In this morning mist, I do feel still,
That my feeling for you, I can’t hide.

Snowy peaks, that tower above,
The waterfall afar, I can still hear,
But all my heart says, is my eternal love,
Darling, I want you always by me near.

As we lie, beneath the trees so tall,
In this meadow, so tranquil so green,
My heart it says, that you are my all,
Most beautiful lass that I have ever seen

I cannot offer you riches, or fame,
Or the world’s comforts ever so fine,
My life shall never again be the same,
Darling, will you be forever mine?

He wanted to live a life with Ananya. He loved her like crazy. He proposed her during a fine monsoon season .It was raining heavily and the days were overshadowed by darkness. “Am I your friend or more than a friend,” he asked her. She replied him with a kiss which was witnessed by 200 students and 10 professors. They were suspended for 2 days and since then they are true lovers. Ishant laughed and giggled which woke Ananya.
“What happened dear?,” she asked.

“Naa, I was thinking of 23rd July,“He smiled.
“Umm, our first kiss,” Ananya gave a seductive look. It was 7 am.
”Get dressed dear,” Ishant said to his girl.
“Doing right now!” she said and was searching for her bra.

They finally got dressed up. They had to walk another 20 km to reach Goddess Dorje Pagmo temple. “Let’s check Sami,” she said and they both head towards his tent. “This is for you,” Ishant gave a lotus to Ananya. ”So sweet of you she said,” and kissed her once again.

Story of Sathya
” Where did you get this flower from?,” she asked him. “Remember, Pemako is a lotus-land, and famous for lotuses,” he added.

“I see and you doing research work Ishh,” she grinned.”I know you haven’t brushed your teeth,” he tried pulling her legs.
Story of Sathya
“Lets buzz the brat,” and they ran towards Sami’s tent. “Yays, Sami,” they shouted in unison. He wasn’t there. They soon started searching for him near the trees and the mountain. They searched him, but they couldn’t find him any where. Few minutes later, Ishant could hear a loud screech. It was Ananya who screamed after seeing a persons dead body. She soon called Ishant and he remained stunned.They went close to him. It was Sami. Alas! Sami was lying dead on the moist land of Pemako. He was bleeding profusely and was left with all blood marks. “Sami!!,” They both cried in unison.

Story of Sathya
Thank you Leo for the beautiful poem.

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