Story of Sathya

That night at Pemako – 1

Guys this is my first series after a long gap of 3 months.I am excited as this is my first take on suspense.This is to prove that apart from Love,Family and Campus stories,I can even write thrillers and suspense.Hope you guys enjoy the night at Pemako.And I would like to thank Mehreen for the character names. Thank you Mehak.

Story of Sathya

“Oh my god!!! You suck girl, how long are we supposed to walk,” Sami got vexed.Sameer was Ananya’s best friend who knew each other since 10 years.

“Oh , dude what was that for ?,” Ishant asked him.Ishant was Ananya’s boy friend and was asked by Mrs.Aditi Shergil to accompany her daughter .

“Guys, Pemako is a beautiful place,” Ananya gave a smile indicating that both these guys were upset.

“Don’t you want to explore new places,” she added.

Ananya was a researcher analyst whose job was to collect details about new places and write articles on it. She was reading some book and came through a place called “Pemako”.The name sounded strange to her, but she started collecting information about the same. For this she asked her friends Ishant and Sameer to accompany her. Sameer agreed to the concord, but Ishant refused at first. Her mother Aditi spoked to Ishant and asked him to accompany Ananya.

As they were following the course of the river Yarlung Tsangpo, Ananya told some facts about Pemako.

“It’s an undisturbed fairyland of snow-clad peaks, glistening waterfalls, and vast virgin forests. Pemako is a synonym for ‘hidden lotus-land’, the place where real happiness lies in concealment. It is believed to be the earthly representation of Dorje Pagmo, a Tibetan goddess, and each mountain and river is looked on as a part of her body. It hovers in the dreams of Buddhists as a sacred place blessed by Padmasambhava, as well as an earthly paradise with an inexhaustible supply of food. Jungles, snow peaks, waterfalls and rattan bridges are its features, not to mention the spectacular Great Canyon left by the roaring Yarlung Tsangpo River,” She added.

“Enough Ananya,” Ishant asked her to stop her research stories.

“Dorje Pagmo, what a name?,” Sami was feeling tired.

He indicated his friends that it was 7 pm and they had already covered 45 km.

“Guess we should take a break,” Ananya said.

They finally had to camp in near the jungle. Ishant pitched 2 separate tents on the green damp ground which indicated that it was raining few while ago…Sameer realized his intentions.

Sami was sleeping in his red color tent; he had walked 45 km with his friends and could feel the pain on his thighs. On the other side, Ananya and Ishant were getting naughty.

“Umm, don’t tickle me Ishh!!,”Ishant wanted the same reaction from her.

He touched her moist lips which was wet after a sip of Tang.His intentions were clear.

“Umm, don’t do this baby,” she muttered.

She finally surrendered .He could feel the taste of Tang when their lips got sealed.

Story of Sathya

“Ummm,I love you baby,” she said as they were getting intimate. He caressed her nape as he was trying to touch her belly .He undressed her and made love. She screamed and could not resist.For a moment, they completely forgot about Sami, who was sleeping at the other end.

“Umm, Ishh, do you love me, baby,” Ananya was adjusting her hair band.

“Yes, what sort of question is this weirdo,” he played with her hairs as she was adjusting it.

“Sea is vast, so is sky, love has no bounds, “he added

“This jungle has boundaries, but our love has no bounds,” Ananya stopped him.

She kissed him over his brow indicating that she was feeling sleepy.

Within the core of the jungle where birds were chirping and animals resting,

There lied two souls naked on the ground, covered by a blanket,

Little they knew that a danger awaited them.

(to be continued..)

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