Story of Sathya

Wednesday Wonders 1 – Parul

Story of Sathya

Sorry for the delay ,and yes this is the debut post for wednesday wonders section.Thank you Anurag for reminding me……thanks dude……

There are very few people who serve as an example for true friendship.We both are best friends.

Few days ago I read a post on Divvi’s blog ,where she wrote about an online friend turning into a good friend .After reading that post,it reminded me of Parul.Now who is she???

On 21st September ,2007, I was going through my friends profile.My eyes soon sighted a profile with a baby picture on it as display.She was my friends classmate.I soon clicked on the link to her profile.”iT t@kEs 1000 TeArs to stop some FrM cRying” was her profile name.What a meaningful statement it is.I soon clicked her album and I could see wide variety of collections of pictures .This suggested me that she loved nature and babies very much.I could not understand what sort of taste this person possesed.I was keen to add her to my friends list.I soon send her an add request on a wild assumption that she would add me for sure.I turned up next day to see the response from side.I checked my friends list and amazed to see her on my list.I was overwhelmed and happy.She had left a scrap for me.She asked about me and indicated that we had a mutual friend in form of “Pri”.I replied her and a series of response and replies eventually bonded our friendship.We soon exchanged our yahoo messenger id.I could say that she is such a gem and a blessing in disguise to her parents.Such a lucky parents!!!!!!!.I often say this to her.She turns out to be modest and says that she is a devils workshop.Well tell me how would a devil turn into an angel.From that day onwards I started addressing her as an angel which would annoy her.Trust me or not,I have shared most of my secrets with her.She is such a good friend of mine, best friend to be precise.I remember this chat.
Me: I am going forever since i have exams n all.

She: y u say that….arent we ur friends?

Me:arey yar …stuck btw studies n all..

She :so wat u can make time for friends naaa..

Me:Virtual friends hai naa….

She:dont ever dare to call me virtual friend and do come online wen u r free

I remember March and April 2008 when we chatted almost everyday from 10 pm to 1 am.It used to be a great time…

To conclude she is a best friend of mine… rock girlll………lets be friends forever…..

Today is Wednesday and 5 minutes before her Birthday

Happy birthday Parul (15th Jan) and you are really a wonder to me….

Next Wednesday : Anupriya ….

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