Story of Sathya

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 16)

 (the green signal)
‘Am very sad,’ said Ram.
‘Even me,’ said Parul.
‘Its not the right time to talk to her, please let her cry,’ Ram said to everyone.
‘let her come out of  sorrows,’said he.
‘Any way Parul,’Ram said.
‘My parents want to meet you,’ added he.
‘I will come to your house today evening,’ said Parul.
It was a sad day at office. No one could see their little sister cry.Ram and Parul leave for their home after office hours.
‘Welcome to our home,’ said Ram.
‘Voww, your house is good,’ said Parul.
‘Mom,dad,’Ram called his parents.
Parul sought their blessings. Shyama looked at her and could not led her eyes off her. She appreciated the way she behaved.She looked beautiful with  her pale skin and blue eyes. Moreover she was wearing a saree  which is an integral part of Tamil culture.
‘Hello, beta, how are you?’ said Ravi.
‘I am fine ,uncle,’ replied Parul.
The conversation went on  for a while .It seemed that Rams parents liked Parul and wanted Ram to marry her.She impressed them at the first sight itself.
‘You look gorgeous,’ said Archana.
‘You are beautiful too,’ replied Parul.
The day before Parul had spoke to her Dad .Eventually, Ajay Sinha showed a green flag to her. After few days,both the family members met .The marriage date was fixed and  co incidentally ,it was Archana’s birthday.It was a happy day  at one side and sorrow at the Richie’s side.
Every day she cried thinking of Sandeep,the man who changed her life forever.
Richa was  getting back to life.She was slowly coming out of  her sorrows.She felt happy when Ram told her about his Marriage being fixed with Parul. She  wished that she would attend their wedding ceremony with Sandeep,but all to vain.
‘Congrats dude,’ said Deepak and Prashant  in unison.
‘yippie party, friends,’ Priyanka asked for a party.
‘Sure,’ said Parul.
A week passed by. Everyone in Ram’s family were happy and they were getting ready for the feast(wedding).
(One fine day in office).
Every one was busy in their work. Richa was having her own personal problems and as  usual she was in the rest room.
‘Hello guys, can I see Richa,’ said a stranger.
‘who are you?’ asked Priyanka.
‘I am Sandeep,’ said He.
‘wow,’said she .Every one was happy for Richa.
‘I want to see her,’Sandeep added.
They all asked Sandeep to give Richie a surprise.They led him to the rest room. Richa  was thinking of her love.
‘Sandeep looks handsome and smart,’ winked Priyanka.
‘Our Richie is lucky,a good choice haan,’ said Nisha.
Sandeep entered the room and  could clearly feel that Richa was upset.He decided to play a trick on her.
He closed her  eyes from behind and asked her to guess.
‘Common Deepak,’ shouted Richa.
‘You used to call me Smarty eh!,’ said he.
The voice  was some how familiar to her.She finally realized that it was her love .Sandeep was back and she could  not believe .
‘Am back sweety,’ said he.
She kissed him and embraced him.She missed him  very much.She was seeing him after 5 months or so.
‘You have put on weight,’ said she.
‘Only Fish curry  in France ,hehe,’ said he.
‘Actually I left the office few hours before the bomb blast took place,’ added he.
‘That’s the reason my name was in the list,’Sandeep continued.
‘Don’t worry I am back,’said he.
‘Thank god,you are back.When are you going to marry me?’asked she.
‘soon,with my parents consent ,’ said he.
They both met after many months and it was a special occasion.
(To be continued) 
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