Story of Sathya

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 17)

(The wedding day).
Both the families were getting ready for the marriage function.
Archana got up from sleep and could see a big parcel next to her pillow.It was Archana’s 17th birthday and it was a special day for her family as her brother was getting married.She soon got up and opened the parcel and shouted .
Parul and Ram had gifted Nokia N95 to her.As promised,Ram had gifted Archie what she wanted. She could also red a note.” Happy birthday Archie – from loving brother and dearest babhi,’ she read.
She was happy for once and got ready for the marriage .
Parul was arrayed for her wedding in gossamer fine, red garment, which was embroidered with gold, and jeweled butterflies and other ornaments adorned her lustrous black hair. She was wearing precious gems in her ears, and her arms and wrists were covered with bracelets, while a golden band encircled her slender waist and anklets of gold shined on her feet. Parul was dressed as a perfect bride The bride’s hand was decorated with henna or mehndi. It’s said that one can tell how well a new bride is being treated by her in-laws from how long it takes for the mehndi to wear off.
The groom was waiting for bride at the mandap. The bride came out carrying groom’s garland, escorted by maternal uncle, and was preceded by flower girls.
They had invited all their friends.One could see Priyanka,Nisha in posh dresses and Deepak and Prashant in Blazers.Sandeep had also invited Rashid and friends from his office.Rashid came with his wife Alaena.
(Flowers are an important ritual during the Hindu wedding ceremony. In addition to exchanging rings, the couple exchanges flower garlands (called Varmala) to symbolize their love. The garlands are made of brightly hued flowers and are longer than a Hawaiian Leigh. Another tradition similar to the American version for throwing rice is the throwing of flower petals onto the couple during and after the ceremony. These flowers are usually only thrown by the parents or members of the immediate family.Hindu wedding ceremonies can take place in a temple or at the bride’s home. At both locations, the couple is seated on a stage filled with pillars and a decorated canopy, sometimes adorned with the bride and groom’s names. Hindu wedding décor is lavish, bold and infused with color. The prominent color scheme is red and gold, which is incorporated into flower arrangements, table settings, tents, and seating. Wedding favors are handcrafted pieces of glass, wood or silver.)

Bride and groom were seated facing one another under the mandap. The pandit chanted the following slokas:

Vignesh varaia varadaia sukhapriyaya… Yakundendutusharahara dhawala… Om sahana vavatu…

Then Ram garlanded Parul and She did the same .
Then ,it was the time for testimony where the bride and groom were supposed to say their dialogues. :p
‘I, Ramkumar, take you,Parul, into my heart as my wife’ said Ram.
‘I, Parul, take you, Ramkumar, into my heart as my husband.
The wedding then followed the lectures given by the priest.
“A circle is the symbol of the sun and the earth and the universe. It is a symbol of holiness and of perfection and of peace. In these rings it is the symbol of unity, in which your lives are now joined in one unbroken circle, in which, wherever you go, you will always return to one another and to your togetherness.”,said the hindu pandit.
Priest placed the varamala (sacred rope) around bride’s and groom’s necks which was a clear indication of their marriage.
Bride and groom walk around the fire four times, alternating in who leads. Priest said:

Om Svaha! With the first turn, we pray for happiness in the union of the couple.
Om Svaha! With the second turn, we pray for the long life of the couple.
Om Svaha! With the third turn, we pray for the healthy life of the couple.
Om Svaha! With the fourth turn, we pray for the happiness and health of the couple.

Then the bride and groom sit down.Then Ram and Parul head for the blessing session where they were supposed to seek blessings from the elder members of their family.Finally ,that indicated the end of the marriage ceremony.

The wedding reception was held in a famous hotel. Family members, friends and relatives of both the families came together for the celebration. Parul had worn the reception saree and Ram was in a white suit.The photo session started where all relatives and friends lined up for a photograph with the newly married couples.
Finally,it was Sandeeps turn and the whole gang was present.
“This is Rashid,Adi,Crystal,Divya,TJ and Alaena babhi,’ Sandeep introduced his friends to the couples.
‘hello ,everyone,’ they welcomed their guests.
‘Any way guys,we have to go now,’ said Sandeep.
‘We will meet in future,Richa is coming with me,’ added he.
‘Love you bhaiyya and Babhi,’ said Richa.
‘we will meet you soon,’
‘Will be back in future,’ added he and they left
The ceremony ended with a sumptuous meal, which included Indian dishes , continental and Chinese items.
Parul and Ram were very happy.
‘Smile please,’said the photographer.
And it was smiles all around.Happy wedding.
(not to be continued :p).

[Thank you for your support and encouragement.Sandeep ,I feel that I should be grateful to you.Waiting for your valuable feedback.So,should I plan for a sequel next year???]

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