Story of Sathya

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 15)

‘Hey Parul,’ Ram addressed Parul.
‘Finally my parents agreed to our marriage,’ added he.
‘That’s great,’ Parul was happy.
‘I will talk to my father today,’ said she.
‘Archana started everything,she wanted a nokia phone and finally she went on to complain dad about us,’said he.
‘Dad was in a good mood and he said yes,’ added he.
‘Tell archie not to worry, she will get N95 soon,’ smiled Parul
Meanwhile Richa was in the rest room.She was watching BBC news channel .And of a  sudden she  changed the  channel and was shocked for a while. She increased the sound volume.A news was being showed which ev entually put her to stress.
Headlines Today and NDTV India were showing breaking news.
‘Massive bomb attacks in France and Spain,’ said the TV news reporter.
‘Over 800 feared dead. The  attacks were carried out in major IT industries of France .IT biggies like VENTSONT,TECHMONTEL,VREIEL,TECHNIWARE  were the main victims of the bomb blast,’ said the news reporter.
After hearing TECHNIWARE, Richa was shocked. She could not believe and that news itself put her to tears. She remembered that Sandeep was working for TECHNIWARE software.
“Here are the list of the people  who lost their lives
1)Adien Swartz(M51) – France.
2)Jenni Parkinson(F32)-France.
3)Shiva Subramanium(M26)-France.
4)Paula Gonzalez(M24)-Germany.
5)Raumbaug  Van Sudr(M44)-Netherlands.
446)Sandeep Balan V (M27)-India.
789)Stephanie Wazer(F23)-France”
After seeing  Sandeeps name on the list,she was shocked and she fainted. She wept and cried like anything.No wonder when this happens to our loved ones ,then we sould have reacted in a similar way.
‘Sandyy,Sandy ,’ she cried.
Every one could  hear her voice and came rushing to the rest room.
‘Ram,Sandeep’s left me ,’ cried Richa.
‘Am alone,he is dead,’ added she.
It was  a sad moment in the office.No one expected it in any way.Richa’s happiness had no bounds when  Sandy accepted her again.She could not bear Sandeep’s loss.She loved him.
After that tragic incident,Richa seldom spoke to any one.She  had dreamt of living a life with her love. His loss was unbearable.
‘well,’ said Ram.
(to be continued) 
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