Story of Sathya

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode3)

(disappointed girlfriend)
They both sat down at the park for some time. Parul stared at Ram. Her blue eyes and her pale skin would attract everyone. She reminded Ram of their first date.
‘Achha, Ram ‘
‘Tell me, what was I wearing when I met you for the first time,’ Parul smiled at Ram.
Ram was quite nervous about the project .He was worried.
‘No, sweety, I don’t remember,’said Ram showing signs of tension.
She came nearer to him,but he moved away from her.
‘How, rude. You don’t know how to talk to a girl,’ sobbed she.
‘Yeah, I don’t,’
‘Lets leave this place, I have more work,’ Ram was in a hurry.
‘Don’t talk to me,’ cried Parul.
‘You don’t deserve a girlfriend,’Parul said to him.
‘You IT geeks are like this,’said she.
‘You don’t know how to talk to a girl,’ she went aside
‘Yaar, its not like that,’ Ram said to her.
‘You know me for the past 2 years, I believed that you know me very well,’ Ram said.
‘I am actually tensed and nervous,may be that was the reason why I didn’t respond,’ Ram said with a gentle smile on his face.
This is the first time that such kind of scenario has taken place.They both know each other very well.Ram was very much aware of her behaviour.She loved him very much and always wanted to live a life with him.She was hurt to such an extent and it was the main reason that brought tears into her eyes.Human behavior are subjected to tensions,nervousness and various other factors which eventually upset them.Parul was very much aware of Ram’s mental condition at that point of time and that was the main reason why she asked him to go out with her.She cared and adored him.The very first day when they met each other,Parul started liking him.She accepted his proposal just because of his character.He was from a middle class family unlike Parul who was a businessman’s only daughter .
‘By any means ,I din’t want to offend you,’Ram said .
‘Am sorry,’ Ram said to her.
‘No problem dear,’Parul said.
They both left for their office.
After few hours ,they reach their office. Every one could see Parul’s face swollen red. She had cried like anything.
‘What happened Pari?’ Nisha asked Parul.
‘Leave it.Its between me and Ram,’ she said to her with a sad face.
The group members were working fast so as the complete the project within the stipulated deadline.
‘Woa,see how hard we are toling .It seems like we are scrubbing our asses ,’laughed Deepak .
‘Look at Richa,Man What the hell is she doing?’ Deepak said .
‘Shut up ,’ shouted Richa.
(to be continued..)
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