Story of Sathya

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode2)

 (From Office)
‘Hello RK,’ said Deepak with a big smile on his face.
‘Good Morning, Deep’ Ram said with a straight face.
‘I wanted to ask about the agreement that we made with “Swire”, do you have any idea regarding that,’ Ram asked Deepak.
‘You need to talk to our boss , how can I say that. You  are the team leader and you are asking me,’ Deepak  was confused.
Ramkumar (also called as RK by his  office peers) was working as a senior software Engineer  at Convex  Software Ltd.He was  the senior most member along with  Parul Sinha. He was the team leader of his group that comprised of 8 members.
‘May I come in sir,’ Ram stood by his boss’s cabin door.
‘Yes ,’ said  Mr. Mishra.
‘I actually wanted to know the status of your project RK,’
‘You should know that you just have one more day to go. How far have you reached now? Tell me the project status Mr. RK,’ Mishra asked Ram.
‘Actually sir ,we are still spotting out the error. May be we will complete it by Saturday” Ram said with a sad face.
‘Saturday!!’ Mishra was angry and shouted at Ram.
‘You were supposed to  submit the project by Thursday and I hope that you were aware of the deadline,’ Mishra was angry .
‘Complete it fast and submit it as soon as possible,’ Mishra was annoyed.
Ram was quite confused. Being a team leader, he was responsible for the delay of the project work. He was helpless and urged his team members to complete the work as fast as possible.
‘What happened,’
‘Ram,I hope you are alright,’ Parul said with a smile.
Ram was in a deep thought. He was unaware of what was happening around him.
‘Ram!!!’ screamed Parul .
‘Ahh, hi Pari ,’ said Ram.
‘So whats up !!,’asked Parul fidgeting her mobile phone.
‘Just screwed up in this thing called Project,’Ram said with a sad face.
‘Common!! Project isn’t everything Ram,’ Parul said to him.
‘Lets go out, refresh yourself,’ Parul compelled Ram.
‘But yar, boss is angry on our group, we need to submit our project,’ Ram said.
‘Mr. Ram, spending  1 hour with your girlfriend is no harm at all,’ Parul winked at Ram.
‘Let’s go,’
And they both went to Wiles Park, the place where they went for their first date.
Every one in office knows about Ram’s and Parul’s relationship.They both were dating each other for the past 2 years.
‘Lets go now,’ and they both leave…

 (to be continued…)

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