Story of Sathya

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode4)

(search for bride and past memories)
‘Appa I am back,’ Ram said to his father indicating that he reached his home.
‘Welcome daaa,’
‘How was your day?’ asked Ravi.
‘My day,’ paused Ram. ‘don’t ask me,’
‘I remember that you wanted to say something ,tell me now,’ Ram said removing his shoes.
‘Let your amma come ,she is making coffee for you ,’ Ravi smiled .
‘Here is your coffee ,Ram’ Ram sipped and asked them to continue the discussion.
‘You are 26 now,’ Shyama said.
‘Yes,so what?.’ Ram was leaning on the sofa.
‘We are getting marriage proposals for you, and we have selected a girl for you,’ said Ravi.
‘She is Priya and she is working in HR department of Accenture India Ltd,’ Ravi paused.
‘Woaa, Accenture India Ltd,’ laughed Ram.
‘Appa and Amma ,I am not interested in marriage at this point of time,’ Ram said to his parents with a slight indication that he loved Parul.
‘But why so?’ questioned Ravi.
‘I don’t want to marry now and that’s it ,’
‘Now do not disturb me ,I am tired,’Ram left the front room.
He locked his room door and was busy thinking of Parul.He was trying to recollect the colour of her dress when he met her for the first time. He soon recollected that she was wearing a blue top and  jeans .He even remembered that he commented on her dress on their very first meeting.He could not stop laughing after thinking of the way he proposed . He was really happy for her .
It was November ,2006.It was monsoon in Coimbatore.Retreating monsoon season is one of the speciality of southern states where it rains in the month of November and December unlike other states where it is winter.He met her for the first time in a different situation.
Once ,unfortunately he left his wallet at his home.He boarded the 12G bus and later on he realized that he had missed his wallet .He was embarresed as the conductor had his words on him.There was no one to support him.Finally a helping hand arrived who was none other then his girlfriend.She paid his 250 Rs fine .That was the way when they met each other.By that time he never knew that Parul was his office peer and he came to knew this later.He approached her later and that day itself brought change in his life.That night he never slept, thinking of her .He recalled his first date with Parul.
(to be continued..)
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