Story of Sathya

The Last Day!

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It is 6 in the morning and my alarm clock blared violently as usual. I rolled on the other side of the bed to ensure that I silence the alarm clock in order to avoid unnecessary scoldings from my roommate. I woke up for once and neatly rubbed my eyes. Everything seemed unusual today as if there was a lull after a storm. I rested my chin over my hand and enjoyed the early morning weather. It was pouring outside. The invigorating cool air brushed me as I enjoyed the scenic beauty outside the window. Tears rolled down my cheeks. It was the last day of my life.Yes, I was going to die today. Dr. Sameer Khan, my physician had informed me 6 months ago that I had caught an infection in my small intestines. It had affected my digestive system. A blood test had confirmed his finding and as per his result I would live only for 6 months. It’s rightly said that your life turns miserable when you get to know about your death. Past 6 months had been disastrous for me. Each passing minute feels like I was living in hell. I could see the nasty Satan mocking me in my dreams and counting my days. He sends me a reminder every single day. I’d been turning to be the devils favorite. I wiped the tears from my eyes. I had lots of ambitions and dreams in my life. It seemed my dreams had been nipped in the bud. Maa and Baba would be shattered when they get to know this news. I drenched my bed with tears every night thinking about my ill fated life. I was jinxed. Death was nearing me.  Anvika was planning to meet me today. How do I prove my love to her? I loved her and loved her more than anyone could ever love or loved her before.

My cell phone rang. I swiftly washed my face and rushed to my bed room to pick up the phone call. It was Anvika.

“Sweetheart lets meet today.”  Anvika said.

“Of course,” I said.

“Is everything fine? Why are you sounding so low?” she enquired.

“No, I am perfectly fine. I am Alright,” I said to her. We had planned to meet at the Central Mall at 3 PM. With each passing minute, my heart turned fragile and weak.

I got dressed up. Looking at the mirror, I tried my best to look smart so that I could impress Anvika for the last time. My eyes turned moist. I never knew how Anvika would take this news. May be she would be shocked or maybe not!  She used to think about me every time. My phone buzzed again. It was Dr. Sameer Khan.

last day of life
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“Yes, Doctor!” I said.

“I have news for you. Meet me soon.” He said and disconnected the phone call.

Before I could ask anything further, he had disconnected the phone call. As I walked past my room, I could see my roommate sleeping and snoring to glory.

“Dude, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me.” I whispered on to his ears and left my home for the final time.

My fingers trembled as I dialed my Dad’s phone number. Everything was unusual today. No would understand my pain. No one would!

“Hello Baba…”

“Rahul, kasha aahes re tu vedya…” Baba riposted.

“Mi Khara…Tumhi saanga.” I replied.

I couldn’t talk to him properly.

“Is everything fine, Rahul?” Dad asked.

“Yes Baba…,”

“Rahul…my dear… how are you?” It was my mother.

“I am fine Maa,” I said.

“When are you coming to Amravati?” She asked me.

“Very soon Maa….very soon,” I said and broke into tears. I quickly controlled myself and spoke to my younger sister Swati.

“Brother…Come soon…please,” she said to me.

“I will be there soon,” I said, “Please take care of our parents in my absence, OK?”

 “I will, brother,” she said, “But why such a thought?”

“Nothing dear, study hard and do well in life,” I said and continued, “You need to make our parents proud and happy.” I soon disconnected my phone and tears streamed down my cheeks copiously.

I hailed a taxi and asked him to take me to Bandra. Mumbai had been an integral part of my life. This city completed my life. This place has always been my second home. I cherished every single minute which I have spend here. Indeed it’s a city of dreams where people come in search of a better life.

Dr. Sameer Khan called me once again. “Rahul, you coming right?” he asked me.

“Yes, doctor,” I said,” Will be there in another 15 minutes.”

I looked around and realized that life is too short for everything. I had a regret in my life, a regret of not enjoying life to the fullest.  I reached the Bandra Holy Angel hospital in time. “I love you Mumbai…” I screamed at the top of my voice. The bystanders laughed at me as I uttered those words.

“Hey Doctor,” I greeted Dr. Sameer.

“Hello Rahul hope you are doing well.” Dr. Sameer came towards me and shook hands with me. His smiling face could change anyone’s day. He possessed a secret energy and may be a secret charm too. He had his own way of mesmerizing his patients through words.

“It’s quite ironical that you ask me such a vague question. I mean how one can be happy with this state of mind,” I said and continued, “I mean you know my problems better than anyone could.”

“I do, I do. I would like you to meet the scientists from Madrid who are in India to study Indian mindsets when they are confronted with death,” he said. I was bewildered as he said those words.

“You are fit and fine. That was a research. You are not dying, Rahul,” the doctor said.  I stood there dumbfounded.

“This case study would prove beneficial for us, Dr. Sameer,” The Spanish scientist Dr. Liu Suarez said to Dr. Sameer.

“Thanks for your co-operation.” He added. Dr. Sameer smiled at him. The scientists from the University of Madrid soon left the hospital.

“Don’t get mad at me, Rahul,” Dr. Sameer said,” I understand that you might want to kill me right now.”

“Yes, I want to,” I said, glaring at him and continued, “You had made my life miserable. I have been experiencing hell all these days.”

“Aye Hero, don’t be a cry baby.” I heard a familiar voice from behind and to my surprise it was Anvika.

“Anvika, you here?” I curiously asked her. “Dr. Sameer is my professor and he had asked me for a help and it was me who referred you to him,” she said and they both started laughing. ” I hope you remember the indigestion problem that you were having,” she said and winked.

“How could you, Anvi?”  I agitated. “You are such a sinister!” I grimaced.

“Let’s not talk about it. Rahul, let’s go out. You are not dying, Ok!” she said and we both hugged each other.  A new ray of hope aroused in me. I could not control my happiness. I was already on cloud 9. I could experience butterflies fluttering inside my stomach.

We left the clinic. “I am not dying, Anvi,” I screamed with joy.

“Yes Mister and you look handsome today,” she said and winked at me.

“Handsome, I see. Let me drive today,” I said, “Give me the car key.”

I inserted the key into the ignition and started the car.

“I looked at her and said, “I am so excited. I can experience more of this amazing life. I am not dying.”

“You surely not…” Anvika said.

“And now I can love you more,” I said and winked at her as I drove the vehicle towards the AB Junction road.

“This is not my last day in my life.” I screamed at the top of my voice to which she smiled like an innocent kid.

She looked at me. Today she was looking more beautiful. “You are looking gorgeous today,” I said to her to which she blushed.

Her long straight hair seemed to attract me today. Her seraphic angelic eyes looked different today. Everything was different.  I looked straight into her eyes as I shifted the gear lever.

 “I love you, Anvika!”

“I love you too,” she said.

“Hey look…brake….” she screeched. Our car rammed into the truck. 

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Story of Sathya

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