Story of Sathya

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 7)

 (Richa in trouble,Parul’s return and Sandeeps entry)
‘Ehh!! Stop it,’ shouted Deepak.
‘Don’t  say anything about my God,’ said Deepak.
‘Man he’s crazy ,’ laughed Priyanka.
“Rajnikant is to Tamilians,Sandeep is to me,’ said he.
‘Deepak is gay,hehehe,’ All girls  shouted.
‘No ,No, am not a gay,’ said Deepak.
‘You won’t believe me guys,’ cried Richa.
‘Why are you crying?’  asked everyone.
‘Tell us and how do you know Sandeep,’ asked Ram.
‘No .I don’t want every one to  get upset,’ said she.
‘You have to tell us,’said  Ram.
‘I loved Sandy like anything’ said Richa with a sad face.
‘We both worked in Mumbai. I remember the day he proposed me in front of 100 people.I kissed him  in front of many people, where every one  looked at us.Some even clapped and whistled at us.He was every thing to me.We made love quite often.He shared all his secrets with me.I  never knew that he will ditch me one day.It seemed that  our boss’s daughter liked Sandeep and wanted to marry that pigeon head. He ditched me for this simple reason.’  
‘Well ,good that you came  to know about him.’said Deepak.
‘He doesn’t deserves   Richie,’ said Priyanka.
‘Thank god ,you left him,’ said Disha.
‘yeah ,but I am pregnant with his child,’ sobbed Richa.
‘What?’  said Priyanka and Nisha in unison.
‘You dumb.,don’t you guys use condoms,’ said Deepak.
‘No ,Deepak.I trusted him.’ Said she.
‘I even left my home for Sandy,’ cried She. 
‘Put your trust in bin,’ Said Prashant.
‘Recycle bin…yucks!!!,’ said Deepak. 
She began to weep.Priyanka  and Disha went to soothe her.
‘Stop crying baby,’ said  Priyanka.
‘I hate Sandeep,’ said Deepak.
‘Don’t worry  ,Richie,’ said Ram.
‘We are there to help you,’said he.
‘Is he married now?’ asked Ram.
‘No.He is getting married in December,’ said Richa.
‘We will talk to him,’ said Ram.
‘Do not worry’,Priyanka  soothed her.
‘Where is he now?’ asked Deepak.
‘Wait till I  get to kick his ass,’ said Deepak.
‘He is  Mumbai,Deepak’ said Richa.
‘Hey guys ,I am back ‘ said  Parul.
‘Whats the discussion going on?’ asked Parul.
(to be continued..) 

Thank You:
Richa and Mr.Sandeep Balan of  yeM Bee yAe

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