Story of Sathya

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 13)

 (old friends and Sandy’s call)
‘Hey, Richie, how are you?’ asked Ram.
‘Me good and you,’ said Richa with a sad face.
‘Why are you said?’ asked Ram.
‘Sandeep didn’t call me, it’s been a week since he called me,’ said she.
‘Don’t worry,’ Ram soothed her.
‘Why don’t you try your old office number? You used to work with him naa,’ said Ram.
‘Thank you bhaiyya, it’s a good idea,’Richa smiled and searched for Data-Link’s phone number.
She got the number and finally  tried talking to sandeep.
‘Hello, Rashid here,’ said Rashid.
‘Rashid bhaiyya,’ shouted Richa.
‘It’s Richa here,’she yelled.
‘Hey sister how is you dear, we missing you,’ Rashid was happy.
‘How is Adrian, Divz, Crystal and Everyone,’she asked.
‘They are good,’ said Rashid.
‘Yo, Rich babes! How are you doing, girl,’ Adrian pulled the receiver from Rashid and spoke.
‘Me good Addy,’ said she.
‘Where is Sandeep? I want to talk to Sandy,’ asked she.
‘Sandeep is in France .I believed that he informed you before going,’ said Adrian.
‘He headed for France few days ago…yes on Monday and will be back next month,’ Rashid added.
‘He is gone for some project work and assignment with Techiware Ltd,’ said He.
‘Don’t worry he will call you,’ said Rashid.
‘Ok, bhaiyya, Bye take care,’ said She and cut the phone.
‘It seems that Sandy’s gone to France for some project work,’Richa said to Ram.
The “Tere bin…” ringtone of Richa’s mobile rang.It showed a number starting from +331256####.
She confirmed that it was from France.
“Hello,’ said Richa..
“Bhhooo,’ shouted   Sandeep.
‘Hey dumbo, I know its you,’ Richa said.
‘But how come you know that I am in France,’ asked Sandeep.
‘Rashid bhai told me,’ said she.
Sandeep had called Richa several times before leaving for France, but her phone was not reachable. She was missing him like anything.
‘Achha sweety, Its ISD remember,’ said Sandeep.
‘Ok, will talk to you soon, bye,’ said Richa and she cut the phone.
Meanwhile Parul and Priyanka were involved in some deep discussion regarding some software.
‘Sorry to interrupt you guys,’ Ram said.
‘I want to talk to you Parul,’ added he.
‘No worries,’Priyanka winked.
‘Well, why are you upset today?’ asked Parul .
‘Archana came to know about us,’ Ram’s voice went low.
‘Chalo, that’s good naa,’ she grinned.
‘What good? now don’t show your 32 teeth,’ Ram winked.
‘Don’t worry, your sister wont eat you up,’ said she.
‘You know, she started blackmailing me,’ added Ram.
‘Very funny,’ Parul laughed.
‘Now, Mr. Romeo you’re caught,’ said she.
‘I will talk to my dad regarding our matter and you talk to your parents,’ said she.
‘I will try,’ said he.
‘Don’t try or at least ask your brave sister to talk,’ winked she.
‘Shut up,’ Ram said pinching her cheeks.

(to be continued)

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