Story of Sathya

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 8)

 (the discussion.)
‘Hey Parul,’ screamed Ram.
‘ Hay Daiyya, Look at  Ram,’ Priyanka  winked.
‘See the couples are back,’ smiled Disha.
Parul  embraced Ram.They kissed each other in front of their  friends.
‘Oye!!Chup karo yaar,’  Deepak laughed.
‘This is our work place,’ said he.
‘No kissing  and fishing at office,’said Priyanka.
‘Oh fine!! ‘ Smiled Ram.
‘Lets  go to the  rest room,’ said Parul.
Deepak was confused  and he stared at Priyanka.
Ram and Parul leave for the rest room.
‘Hey ,can I ask you one thing ?’ asked Parul.
‘Yes,sure,’ said he.
‘Why is Richie upset?’ asked she.
‘Its her personal matter yaar.We need to help her,’ said he.
‘What happened?’ Parul curiously asked him.
‘A guy called Sandeep  tarnished her,’ he sad with a sad face.
‘And it seems  she is pregnant now,’  Ram added.
‘Oh gosh!!,’ Parul was  upset.
They  went to  Richa to soothe her.
‘Don’t worry Richie,’ said Parul.
‘we are there for you, we will help you,’ said she.
‘Thank you ,bhaiyya and bhabhi,’ smiled Richa.
‘Umm ,I like when you call me  bhabhi  and Ram as your bhaiyya,’ smiled  Parul.
Richa was upset and  she  left early .The whole crew was upset.Richa was amongst the loved  member of the entire team of 9 people.
Ram,Parul,Priyanka,Deepak,Nisha,Disha,Prashant ,Shayan and Richa lived like a small family.Richa was  the youngest member  of the team. Shayan was in U.S.A and Richa was like his younger sister.He left for USA  few weeks ago  for some project work.
Ram called for a meeting  .They wanted to discuss about Richa and her life.
‘Guys,its really difficult to  know what happened to Richie,’ said Parul.
‘Yeah,even  I heard that ,’ Prashant said.
‘What can we do now?’ asked  Nisha.
‘Its all over ,’ said Deepak.
‘Shut up!!,’ shouted Parul.
‘Sorry !!,’ said Deepak.
‘We have to help our sister?’said Ram.
‘Sister..Eh.. woaa’ said Deepak.
‘Oh yeah sister,’ smiled Prashant.
The entire team was worried about  Richa.They wanted to make her happy.
‘Yem bee aaeee,’ winked Priyanka.
‘Shut up ,’ said Deepak.
‘Any how  we should talk to Sandeep,’ said Ram.
‘Yes,’ said everyone in unison.
‘Hey Guys!!,’ said the Boss.
(to be continued..) 

Thank You:
Richa and Mr.Sandeep Balan of  yeM Bee yAe

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