Story of Sathya

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 6)

 (Solitary Ram ,Parul in Home town and Disha’s Poetry contest)
‘Beep Beep,’  Mishra had called Ram.He had some work with Ram.
Ram was worried for once.He was not aware of his assignments .He  assured  his boss that his group would complete the project as soon as possible.
Soon after he realized that parul had given him a missed call.Its an age old tradition of love where the girl gives a missed call   and the boy calls  her.The same happened here.
‘Pari,did you give me a call.Anything important,’ Asked Ram.
‘I am leaving for  Jaipur today,I will  not be available for another week or so,’ said she.
‘Miss me ,dear.’Parul said with a sad tone.
Her  voice clearly indicated that she was upset.She was worried as her family members were asking her to get married.
‘I love you Ram,’  said she.
‘Will  call you as soon as I reach  Jaipur,’ Parul said and she cut the phone.
The very next day she reached  Jaipur.As soon as she reached ,she  informed Ram.Her parents came to the airport to receive her .Parul sought their blessings.Ajay Sinha was Parul’s father.He was a very famous personality and was the president of  “Airvoice” telecommunications.They were rich  and had lots of wealth.Parul had done her Btech in Computer Science from  BITS. She wanted to earn money by her own and didn’t expected her fathers help.She decided to work and that’s the reason why she  joined Convex.Parul’s mother  was a house wife.
‘So, how is your work  going on beta’,Ajay  said to his daughter.
‘Its good,’ smiled she.
‘So,do you remember  us,’ winked Sharada .
‘yes,I do  maa,’ Parul said adjusting her hair.
‘you are 26 now and I guess  it is  the ideal age for girls to get married,’ Ajay said reading newspaper.
‘But dad,’ Parul was sad.
‘Well ,you should get married by the end of this year,’ordered Mr Ajay.
‘Dad!!,’ She couldn’t speak a word against him.
She went to her  room.
Ram was missing Parul like anything.Its  the first time that he was missing her badly.He wanted to see her ,but he couldn’t.
His group  had  completed the project .They were left with the presentation part .
‘Hey guys ,’ Disha called for help.
‘Am confused  now,’ said she.
‘What happened ?’asked  Deepak and  Prashant in unison.
‘Actually I am participating in a   poetry contest and my topic is “Who am I?”’ said Disha.
‘I really don’t know what to write,’She asked her  friends to help her.
‘Well ,’
‘I can help you,’ said Prashant.
‘Really,but how?’ asked She.
‘Check this one,’ said Prashant .
I don’t want to say anything

I don’t want to put anything down
U may find it funny and smile
U may find it weird and frown
I don’t want to lie
I don’t want to be true
So whatever u want to think

I leave up to u……….”

‘Hows this?’ asked Prashant.
‘Its good,’said Disha.
‘It is written by  the Solitary writer,’ said he.
‘You mean the guy called “Stephen”,’ said Disha.
‘Yes ,the same guy ,’ said Prashant.
‘I don’t know how come these guys write  such poems,’
‘He is still a student,’ said Prashant.
‘That’s great to hear,’ said She.
‘No wonder Engineers and  Doctors start writing their own novels,’
‘It’s the (Chetan)Bhagat kaal,’ said  Deepak.
‘I know a guy who  writes  fiction stories ,’said Deepak.
‘He writes  a  blog called  “yem bee yae”,’ said he.
“Yem Bee yAe”.
‘Very funny ,’ laughed  Disha.
‘May be ,it’s the mallu way of pronouncing MBA,’  said Priyanka.
‘Who is that smart chap ?’ asked Priyanka and Disha .
‘He is Sandeep ’,Deepak said.
‘Our Boss Sandeep Mishra,’ Priyanka gave a strange look.
‘No ,Prii ,its  Sandeep Balan, and he is just 25 ,’ said Deepak. 
‘I loved his Mussadi man series.I am his fan now,’ said Deepak.
‘Sandeep simply rocks,’ shouted Deepak.
‘Sandeep is a cheat,’  Richa said with an angry tone.
‘He is a cheat and a big loser,’Her face became red.
‘Cheat !!!,’ she shouted and cried. 
(To be continued..) 

Thank You:
Richa and Mr.Sandeep Balan of  yeM Bee yAe

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