Story of Sathya

Story of Sathya
It was 5:59 pm as I stared my watch. The diamonds on the dial sparkled as it struck 6.It was not the first time, I was waiting for her. She was my wife Nikita. Nikita was pregnant when I left her. She expected me to come back home, but I was blinded. But now I miss her and my daughter. I want them back. Ketu may be one of the unluckiest souls on earth who had never seen her dad. I wanted to see Ketu.I called Nikita again to inform her that I was waiting for her, but no reply. I was waiting for her at the same place where I proposed her. It was near the escalator of a shopping mall that our lips locked for the first time with hundred souls watching us. Since then we never had time to interact due to our busy schedule. This was one reason why we broke up. I was happy as I was going to see my daughter for the first time. But maybe I wouldn’t be lucky enough as I believed that Nikita was still angry on me.
”Will she permit me to see my daughter Ketu?” , the question buzzed my ears.
I called Nikita once again as it was getting late. I almost left the place. “Daddy wait,” a soft voice beheld me.It was 6:30 pm and I could see Nikita and Ketu on the escalator.

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