Story of Sathya

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode5)

( Not suitable for readers below 15 years.)

(Proposal and the first date)

Parul Sinha had joined Convex software much before Ram. She joined the organization 2 months before Ram actually joined .She was amongst the good looking girls of the organisation.She was gorgeous ,pretty and beautiful .She was new and she hardly knew any one . She was Ram’s senior.Practically they both were of the same age , but Parul was elder to him by few months or so.

Ram was new to Convex.The first time when he had seen Parul was a totally different sight for him.She was a very helpful person.She paid his 250 Rs fine for travelling ticketless.That was the very first day when they met each other.She was wearing a blue top and jeans.Ram was in formals as usual.

‘Thank you miss ….?? ‘said Ram.

‘You can call me Parul,’ said she.

‘Parul,I know that you work in my office,’ Ravi was shy.

‘Good that you came to know that ,I am happy for that,’ smiled she.

‘What else?’ asked Parul?

‘Do you have anything to say?’ asked she.


‘I mean yes,’ said Ram.He was confused.

‘Would you mind having a cup of coffee with me,’ said Ram

‘Oh ! no problem , its fine,’

‘Lets go,’ said Parul

And they went to nearby coffee shop.

‘Well ,I have been watching you for days,’

‘I really don’t know what has happened to me,’said Ram.

‘I think I fell for you,’Ram said with a low voice.

‘What?’ She was shocked.

(The Solitary writer says” May be this is what people call as love in first sight”)

‘Really !!,’ asked Parul.

‘Yes, I do,’ said Ram.

After few minutes Parul gave a smile .This smile was enough to suggest that she started liking Ram.They exchanged their phone numbers and they would talk with each other for hours after they leave their office.It was like they were made for each other.

‘Call me when you are free,’ said she and they both left .

The “crazy kiya re” ringtone of Parul’s mobile phone rang .

‘Hello,Ram, Bolo,’ said she.

‘Listen, will you come with me tommorow’ said Ram.

‘Where?’ asked she.

�����Lets go for Kabul Express,’ said Ram.

‘Hey ,I have seen it.’

‘some different movie please and KExp is not good ,’ said Parul.

‘What about dhoom 2?’asked Ram.

‘Done,’ said she.

‘lets meet tomorrow at 6 pm at Satyam talkies,’Ram answere.

‘Sure,Bye,’ Parul cut the phone and she slept.

(The first date.)

They both meet each other at 6 pm.The movie was good according to them.Movie theatre is the best place for couples,because no one knows what they are doing. She was a big fan of Hritik and He was a big fan of Aishwarya .They could see Hritik doing the stunts and Ash performing an item number “crazy kiya re” which was the favourite song of Ram. There were many things to say ,but they remained quiet for a while.

‘What about coffee?’ asked Ram.

‘Yes,sure,’ said Parul.

Ram went to the canteen to get coffee and popcorns and at the same time Parul was enjoying he trailers of other movies.The second half of the movie was absurd where the hero jumps from the top of a mountain and he still remains alive.It is Hritik and he indeed makes things possible.Everyone in the theatre enjoyed the kissing scene between Hritik and Ash which was the controversial thing that highlighted the movie.Parul was looking carefully at what they both did.The movie got over and they both left.

‘How was the movie?’ asked Ram.

‘Hehe,I had already seen the movie before.I just didn’t want to disappoint you.’ smiled Parul.

‘What else ,Ram?’They both head for Wiles Park.

‘Tell me about your family,’ said Parul.

‘Well, we are a family of 4 members’.

‘Mom,Dad and little sister Archie ,’ Ram smiled.

They reach the gates of the park.Usually no one goes there at night.It was already 10 pm.The park was open.

‘What do you think about this place?’ asked Ram.

‘Its good,but its too late,’ said Parul by curling her hair.

‘Its just you and me here,’ smiled Ram.

‘I know your cruel intentions dear,’ winked Parul.

It was all darkness all around. There was not a single soul in sight for a mile.The winds blew and the weather was pleasant. They were solitary and it was a calm place.They sat over the green grasses.Having laid on the grass ,she came closer to him.He touched her cheeks .

They both looked at each others eyes. He grabbed her and kissed her on her eyes .He slowly reached her lips and neck. She could feel his breath that was rising from his damp lips.He placed both his hands on her head and indulged in kissing for atleast 5 minutes.He was kissing all over her neck,face and shoulders.His hands were running through her hair like crazy.He loved her.She could feel the heat.He then reached her body .She held him tenderly touching her napes . His hands slowly moved towards her top.By now ,she could clearly feel his intentions.He removed the buttons of her kurti and slowly unhooked her bra.He undressed her and at the same time caressed her nape gently . She wanted more and the night was pleasant .It was the first time they were making love.It was a special night.They ensured that no one was seeing them.

‘I love you ,’ she said putting the hooks of her bra.

‘Promise me that you wont betray me,’ said Parul .

‘yes I wont, you’re mine?’, Ram assured her and at the same time he dressed.

‘I have surrendered completely as I love you,’ Parul said with a straight face.

‘I too love you ,dear,’ Ram walked.

‘I have to go now, other wise hostel warden will close the gate,’ said she.

‘Bye ram,’ and they both left.

Ram was deeply immersed recollecting his past date experiences with Parul.

and all of a sudden he woke up thinking of present..

Beep Beep…

(To be continued..)

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