Story of Sathya

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 12)

 (The black mailed)
‘Amma,’ shouted Ram.
‘Yes, I am here,’ said Shyama.
‘Do not disturb me now, I have an important work,’ said Ram.
Archana was upset as she had seen things that she shouldn’t have .She respected her brother, but that act of Ram put her into tears. All her friends teased her and it was embarrassing .At once, she decided to talk to her brother. She wanted a mobile phone, but her dad refused to get her one. She believed that it was the right time to buy a mobile phone and that too with the help of her brother.
‘Hello,’ said Archie addressing her brother.
‘Hi, how are you doing dear?’ said Ram with a smile.
‘I am fine,’ said Archana.
‘Hey, do you have a girlfriend,’ asked she.
‘Girlfriend!’ Ram gave a strange look.
‘No,’ said He.
‘I bet you have one, don’t lie, who is she?’ asked Archana.
Ram was confused for a while and felt strange. She was young and he believed that he should not confess everything to her sister.She asked him again and again.
‘I had seen you near the beach,’ said Archana.
‘You were kissing a white girl,’ said she.
‘You got a girlfriend from England,’ Archana winked.
‘Shut up, she isn’t from England,’ said He.
‘Then…’ Archana smiled.
‘She is my friend who works with me,’ said He.
‘Umm, she looks pretty and gorgeous,’ said she.
Ram was not happy with himself. He asked her not to tell parents about his girlfriend.
‘Promise me that you won’t let our parents know this,’ said Ram.
‘Sure, but on one condition,’ Archana grinned.
‘What?’ asked Ram.
‘You will listen to whatever I say,’ Archana winked.
‘Shitt, you dumbass,’ added Ram.
‘Blackmailing me or what,’ said he
‘Yes exactly,’ said she.
‘Ok,I will ,’ said Ram.
‘Hey brother, next time onwards don’t kiss in a public place,’ said she.
‘And I guess you see a lot of English movies,’ Archana winked and she left the place.
Ram was angry at her. He never wanted to say anything about Parul, but he was helpless. He was cursing his fate for having a sister who at times turns to a vampire(or vamp).
He wanted to marry Parul, but couldn’t talk to his parents regarding the same. He loved her and wanted to live a life with him.
(Next day)
‘Good morning guys,’ said Ram.
‘Gm, dude,’ said Prashant.
‘Good Morning,’ said everyone in unison.
‘Where is Richa?’ asked Ram.
‘She is in her cabin,’ said Priyanka.
Sandeep used to call Richa at least once in a day. Many days passed, even after many weeks Sandeep had not called her. At once, she was upset and sad.
She loved Sandeep very much. She was afraid that something happened to him. His phone was not reachable and this would annoy her.
‘The Vodafone subscriber is not reachable, please try again later,’ said the Recorded messages.
‘Bloody bitch!’said angry Richa addressing the recorded voice.
‘Sandy!’ yelled she.

(to be continued)

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