Story of Sathya

Know why she twerked on to destroy her career

Curious much? Know why Misbah Khan twerked on to destroy her career.

Misbah Khan was amongst the most beautiful actress in today’s scenario. Although she hails from a small city like Ghaziabad, she is quite popular in Mumbai. She was the heartthrob of many youngsters. She was a pretty girl who was slim and slender. Her brows were furrowed, her lips drawn and had large brown eyes. Her seraphic smile and angelic looks have to tendency to mesmerize anyone. She was a versatile person equally talented in dancing, acting, and singing.

She was popularly called the ‘Pyari Bahu’ in the tele-world where she plays the role of ‘Divyanjali’ who is the main protagonist of the tv show. It has been nominated for the ‘best tv soap’ category at the ‘Annual Tele Awards’ for the year 2009. Misbah was nominated for the ‘best actress’ category. Her happiness had no bounds when the producer of the tv show called her to inform this. Although she had been nominated several times for many different roles in a different award function, she had been empty-handed most often. This time she was excited and hopeful that she would grab the awards.

“Pyari Bahu rocks!” she used to say quite often.
The Award function was about to take place today at 7 pm.
As the clock struck 6, she got ready for the big event. She was dressed in a gossamer fine, red garment, which was embroidered with gold, and jeweled butterflies and other ornaments adorned her lustrous black hair.

She was wearing precious gems in her ears, and her arms and wrists were covered with bracelets, while a golden band encircled her slender waist and anklets of gold shined on her feet. She had the ‘pyari bahu’ look in her. One could see many celebrities seated in the first row. Bollywood hotshots such as Amitabh Bachhan, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, and many were present for the event to felicitate emerging artists.

Neel Kant and Vidisha Roy were the presenters. 10,000 people witnessed the award function. Awards were distributed from the word ‘go’ itself.
“Shall we see the Nominees for the best actress categories,” the hosts said.
“The Nominees are,
1.“Anjali Deol” for “Saasu Maa”.
2.“Tapasiya Sen” for “Upkaran”
3.“Misbah Khan” for “Pyari Bahu”
4.“Sejal Trivedi” for “Sanskriti”
5.“Deepika Khuman” for “Aasha Kiran”

The hosts announced the nominee’s name.
“We would like to invite Mr.Bishi Kapoor and Mr.Varun Khan to present the award,” the gorgeous looking host Vidisha said.

“And the best actress award goes to…….” Mr.Bishi Kapoor winked.
“any guesses,” Varun said.
Meanwhile, all the actresses were nervous and Misbah didn’t want to be left alone. She was disappointed many times for making into the nominee’s list, but never won an award.
“And the best actress is “Misbah Khan” for “Pyari Bahu “, Mr.Bishi said.

It was smiles all around. At first, Misbah could not believe her ears. She was very happy as she was blessed with the golden girl this time.
“God bless you!” Mr.Varun and Bishi Kapoor said to Misbah as they presented her the award.
“Thank you, Sir,” She touched their feet.

“Aha! Misbah finally you get an award. So would you like to say anything,” Neelkant, the host asked Misbah to deliver the victory speech.

“Yeah, Firstly,…” she said
She turned around with her back facing the audiences and performed twerked to express her hapinness.No one actually expected her to do so.

destroy her career

“Thank you Misbah,” the hosts asked her to leave.

She was very happy and excited about receiving her first award. Poor thing never knew that a major shock awaited her for her actions.
She was a student of Sandeep Sir who taught her most of the dance forms. Apart from twerking, she could even perform cat dance, snake dance, rain dance, and pelvic dance. She owed 1/4th of her success to Sandeep Malan sir.

As she reached home, her parents asked her to see the TV news channel. It seems the news channel was waiting for Misbah’s news.
“Actress Misbah does a butt dance after receiving awards, ” said Sawan Kumar, the correspondent of ‘News 24’
She switched the channel to ‘Times-News’.

“We have our experts Mr.Andrew Atkins, the professor for human behavior, and Miss Sharada Sengupta, a Psychologist with us. Do you think that is how a person would react after getting excited or overwhelmed,” Pranab, the anchor of Time News asked the experts.

“Well Pranab, a person is responsible for his/her actions. For control is essential for a person. One would know how to control her emotions and feelings at a bigger spectrum. In a country like India, I’m seeing this for the first time in a country like India where culture has the utmost importance than anything else. Being an American, this has happened many times in the US,” Prof. Andrew Atkins said.

“That’s true Andrew, but how could one forget her culture and traditions while you are receiving an award at a stage in front of Senior actors and many people. Where are our culture and tradition ?,” Miss Sengupta expressed her views.
“Hang on, we are heading for a break now at this point in time,” Pranab said.
Meanwhile, Misbah changed the news channel.

Few channels were asking viewers opinion in the form of poll SMS.
“Do you think What Misbah has done is correct?”
“If your answer is yes, SMS yes to 59898 else SMS no to 59898”.

Misbah was already pissed off. She had switched off her cell phone to avoid future embarrassment.
She was crying the whole night for her butt dance.
“How would I express my emotions and feelings ?,” She asked herself.

The next morning when she got up, even the newspaper had news about her.
“Pyari Bahu’s phenomenon butts brightens the award nights,” said Mumbai times.

Story of Sathya

Her producers had called her to inform that she had been removed from the show due to media hype about the news.

” God, I never knew my butts would land me in trouble,” she threw the award at her tv set.

What is Twerking?

Twerking is a type of dance that came out of the bounce music scene of New Orleans in the late 1980s. Individually-performed, chiefly but not exclusively by women, dancers move by throwing or thrusting their hips back or shaking their buttocks, often in a low squatting stance

What are the different Twerking moves?

Twerking Moves include “mixing”, “exercising”, the “bend over”, the “shoulder hustle”, “clapping”, “booty clapping”, “booty poppin”, and “the wild wood”—all recognized as “booty shaking” or “bounce”.Twerking is but one choreographic gesture within bounce.

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