Story of Sathya

Family,Office and Love. (Blogisode 10)

(The Phone chat)
‘Hello , Sandeep,’ Richa shouted with joy.
‘Hello ,’
‘Hello,’ screamed Richa.
Sandeep remained silent for a while. He was feeling guilty of what he had done to her.
‘Hello , Richa,’ said Sandeep with a low voice.
‘Richa!! ,’ said Richa.
‘You used to call me “sweety” naa,’ said she.
‘Sweety dear, are you angry on me,’ said Sandeep.
‘Why should I be angry on you?’ asked Richa.
‘Stop talking non sense.I know you will be mine forever,’ smiled Richa.
At the same time every one in office came near her. Noticing this ,she went to the private room.
‘What happened ,you there?’ asked Sandeep.
‘Yes ,I am here dear,’ said Richa.
‘How are you?’ said he.
‘am fine,you say naa,’ said Richa.
‘I heard that you know many Richa, what was that all about,’ said She.
‘They were just my school and college friends,’ said He.
‘How dare you look at some one other than me,’ said she.
‘Our son will kick your ass,’ said she.
‘Son!!,’ said Sandeep.
‘You mean,’ Sandeep smiled.
‘Yes, mein teri bachhe ki maa banne vaali hun,’ said Richa.
Sandeep shouted with joy.He was very happy.
‘I bet it would be a girl,’ said Sandeep.
‘No No, a boy,’ said Richa.
They were talking for an hour or so.Time passed like anything.The couple’s were talking after a long time and it was a special occasion for them.
‘I want to meet you,dear,’ said Sandeep.
‘Come to Coimbatore,’ said Richa and she gave him her address.
She was happy. Her voice itself suggested that she was glad and overjoyed.
Every one in office were happy for her.The scenario was totally different.
‘Parul,lets go out,’ said Ram.
‘Ummm… couple’s are going out haan..,’ winked Priyanka .
‘Sure,Ram just a sec,’ said Parul.
They both leave for National Park.
‘Bye Guys!!,’
‘Bye Richa,’ They both said in unison.
(to be continued..)

Thank You:
Richa and Mr.Sandeep Balan of yeM Bee yAe

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