find happiness within

19 ways you can find happiness within

find happiness within

 Ways to Find Happiness within – How often you bump across people who narrate their displeasure with life? Stress and pressure have tied human beings. Not everyone is happy with their life. I throw a challenge at you. Well, find me a happy person and I will send you 1000 dollars into your bank account right away! I can say with full confidence that everyone has some of the other problems in their life. Sorrow beckons us and stress grinds us into a mixture that will never let us reform ourselves into a positive soul.

I am not a happiness guru or a baba who can give you a short cut to being happy. Well, that’s a state of mind. At this moment, I can say that even I am not happy and this pursuit of happiness is something I’ve been searching for since long. After the sad demise of my beloved sister two years back, the world crumbled upside down. It felt as if the sky came falling on my head. It was an intense moment of pain for me and my family.

Losing our loved one is never an easy thing to digest and it hurts when you lose someone who had great ambitions and aspirations in their life and had an insatiable thirst for excellence. Well, that’s how life started to haunt me and I run helter-skelter since then and my happiness quotient i.e. HQ ran towards a negative spiral.

With a broken heart, a heart full of hurt and melancholy, my mother would imbue positivity into me and ask me to move on with our lives because my little sister left for heavenly abode. You can imagine how deep I am submerged into sorrow. Intense, isn’t it? The irony would die a thousand deaths if I say I will give you different ways of being happy. This is a compiled list and I follow a few of these. I want to know your thoughts on this.  

19 ways you can find happiness within

1. Pursue achievable goals

Setting goals are very important for any human being. That’s what defines you and channelizes your life. But sometimes you should remember that one should work hard for their goals. We just simply can’t dream about and set up goals. We need to understand that our life would be satisfied if you achieve something that was on your list. Make a list of items that you want to pursue by some period. Keep a track of these items and trust me, that feeling of contentedness that is obtained after you see your dreams materialize is something amazing  

2. Smile often

A happy smiling face is what attracts human beings. When you smile, it automatically invokes positivity and it sends happy vibes across people around you. So, don’t forget to wear that beautiful sile. During my early days of internet days, I had a status message on my yahoo profile that said, “Always smile because your smile makes me smile!” That’s the best you can do.

3. Always help others

My parents raised me saying one thing that I always find incredible. During my growing phase, I observed one thing and I am very proud of that particular thing. My parents never said no to anyone who knocked their doors for help. They always helped others and that too with a smile. Trust me, I acquired this skill from them and I am proud I inherited this trait from them.  

4. Sharing with others

No matter what people think about you, never forget to share. There is a popular blogging analogy related to blog commenting that says that ‘Sharing is Caring!’ How true! Always help and Share with people.  

5. Maintain a youthful spirit

Always maintain a youthful spirit irrespective of your age. Do things that fascinate you. Cultivate a hobby and stay focussed.  

6. Treat everyone equally

Get along with the rich, poor, bad, beautiful and the ugly. Treat everyone equally. Never discriminate against anyone and spread happiness. This is an important point  

7. Keep cool under pressure

Stay calm and composed even if the sky comes falling for you. A cool mind can tackle pressure. Because, if not then you can react on impulse and that can lead to dangerous consequences. So that’s why I advise you to remain calm under pressure. Stay cool!  

8. Lighten the atmosphere with humor

A little humor here and there won’t hurt anyone. It will make the atmosphere lively. Trust me, try to be funny. Crack jokes, bring in those stupid jokes and do fun stuff that is in the right spirit but never hurt anyone through those jokes. Ok, tell me a joke!  

9. Forget and Forgive

I know its easy to say forget and forgive especially if someone hurt you so badly that the harsh memories have been engraved in your heart forever. Can we do anything? No, we can’t. So why not forget the incident and forgive the person who hurt you.  

10. Have few but true pals

Always surround yourself with true friends. The quantity doesn’t matter here but has friends who will be there for you at times of need. Fulfill your friendship without any expectations. So go out and make friends but true friends.  

11.Treasure every moment with your loved ones

Our loved ones constitute an important part of our lives. We have to spend a significant amount of time with them so ensure you spend some quality time with your folks. Cherish and treasure every moment with your loved ones  

12. Never lose your confidence

Stay focussed and never lose your confidence in your life. If you can’t have confidence in your life then how can you be happy.  

13. Indulge yourself

Keep yourself busy with things that you love to do. Be it art, cooking, or writing – indulge yourself with things that you love to do.  

14. Take calculated risks

Remember that some decisions that you take in your life can haunt you forever if it turns out to be indecision. So make the right decisions and take calculated risks  

15. Understand that money isn’t everything

Never prioritize money over everything. I agree that money is important but it isn’t everything. Remember that relationships and love triumphs over money. Money can’t buy happiness. Note this line. Thank me later!  


Exercise every day. It will rejuvenate you.  

17. Try to be creative

Stay creative. Do something new every day.  

18. Travel 

Explore new places and know about its history and culture.   

19. Never stop learning

Don’t stop learning. Learning is a process and learn new things every day. Be it a new language or a new hobby.  

Story of Sathya

I hope these different steps can help you find happiness. I wish you all the best in your pursuit of happiness. Stay blessed and it feels great to be back here.

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