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The Wedding Anniversary

the wedding anniversary

The Wedding Anniversary

Today was Nazrana and Ali’s 11th wedding anniversary. They hadn’t been in talking terms for 6 years due to frequent ego clashes and verbal skirmishes. She always knew that their marriage was never going to work. They had to keep aside their ego and get together for their daughter’s good. They spoke to each other over the phone and decided to meet again at the bandstand where they met for the first time. She wore the green dress that Ali gifted her for the first time after their marriage. Nazrana cooked Ali’s favorite mutton gosht.

4 PM. Nazrana couldn’t stop smiling when she saw Ali walking towards her.
“Sorry for making you wait for so long,” He said and hugged her.
Nazrana smiled and said, “You were never a punctual man!”

“And you still looking amazing in this green dress,” Ali complimented her.

Ali dug a small portion of the curry and tasted it. “Yummy!”

Out of nowhere, a group of Hindu Sena volunteers grabbed both of them and started beating them.

“There is no place for beef eaters in our country.” One of the men from the group announced.

“Say Jai Shri Ram!” they screamed in unison and they thrashed Ali so hard that he kicked the bucket just at the age of 37.

Ali became a face of yet another right-wing atrocities.


This post is written as part of the #WoWe Blog Hop hosted by Mayuri and Rashi, as part of which we have to pen a story within 200 words on the given prompt. This is my entry for Week 3 based on the picture prompt at the start of this post. Do leave your thoughts below!

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